Rhyme of the Rain

rainyHow it pours, pours, pours,
In a never-ending sheet!
How it drives beneath the doors!
How it soaks the passer’s feet!
How it rattles on the shutter!
How it rumples up the lawn!
How ’twill sigh, and moan, and mutter,
From darkness until dawn.

– Rossiter Johnson, Rhyme of the Rain


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Rhyme of the Rain”

  1. April showers. . . !

    Better rain than snow! We had about 4″ of snow over the weekend, and it’s below freezing this morning. Looks like there won’t be much gardening going on here this morning.

    Love the photo and the poem Nancy!

  2. Nancy, We had sleet and rain yesterday…In Nashville…with freeze advisory tonight…in Nashville! I echo Joey’s question…’What happened to Spring?’ How is up there? gail

  3. Gail, we’re really having torrential rain today, but if the sun were ever to come out, signs of Spring are everywhere, from the chorus of spring peepers to lots of leaf buds! Flooding is a major concern for communities in eastern Canada right now, however, with river ice jams being a huge threat, especially in New Brunswick. Keeping our fingers crossed for those who live along the Saint John River. :(

    Thanks for stopping by, eveyone!

  4. We’ve been having torrential rains, high winds, and dark skies, so here I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw all these comments about snow! Yikes.

  5. Very evocative photo, as always, Nancy. It’s really too bad there isn’t a Rain and Snow Distribution Board; we could use more of it here in Northern California, and it seems as if many of you could use less!

  6. There are spring peepers in Liverpool, Nancy. They started on the weekend–must have gotten their Email from your peepers. Big rain this morning but it sort of fizzled out and turned just to fog instead.

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