Nipped in the Bud


“It’s spring fever…. You don’t quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” –  Mark Twain


Snapped this weekend, in a momentary flash of sun, buds on a chestnut tree (top) and on an unruly lilac!  So for all the gloomy, wet weather we’re having here in Nova Scotia right now, there are signs of spring.  The dreary, rainy weather we’ve been experiencing is to continue for the entire week — no sun is forecast until next weekend.  Ugh.  Ah well, April showers bring May flowers?  Let’s hope!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

7 thoughts on “Nipped in the Bud”

  1. So engrossed in my own garden worries…winter bearing down on our lovely spring…that I assumed you meant that winter had nipped the beautiful buds on a plant you loved! Instead I find deliciously wonderful signs of spring in NS. Yipppee! gail

    I’m sure Winter still has a few surprises for us yet. I do hope you don’t get much snow, Gail! I’ll be checking in on you.

  2. We had one beautiful spring day in the past two weeks, Nancy (yesterday); today is dreary and rainy again. I, too, keep reminding myself that April showers not only bring May flowers, they bring vegetables without additional watering and keep our well filled! Courage!

  3. Yep April Showers will bring the May flowers! That’s what I kept telling myself this morning when I woke to a heavy downpour of rain. We’ll be begging for it come August, lol. ;)

  4. Our weather has been just the same, but today we’ve had sunshine, and what a nice change it’s been :)
    I love your rainy window and rhyme, and I meant to say what a great photo you got of the goldfinches. They’re changing to yellow, and looking a bit scruffy at the moment, aren’t they?

  5. Boston’s just starting to experience some proper spring-like weather. It seems like the April showers really are going to pay off in May…

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