Jeepers Peepers!, Spring has officially arrived in Windsor, Nova Scotia!  Tonight, after a warmish, drizzly day, the Spring Peepers are peeping their little hearts out!  The much anticipated musical event has finally arrived, bringing with it the certain hope that warmer days and gardening weather are not far behind.  Here’s a sample of their beautiful evening vespers.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

18 thoughts on “Jeepers Peepers!”

  1. Our peepers were singing in the welcome warmth of yesterday, too, Nancy! (Too windy for them—or me!—tonight.) Talk about making a joyful noise!

  2. I heard them too on Thursday evening while I was still out working on garden clean-up at 7:30PM with a coat! We had such a beautiful taste of warm spring weather that day, but unfortunately I had to work for most of it. Got a little done in the afternoon, thankfully. It seems we’re only allowed little tastes of warmth at a time.
    Wind, rain and snow showers this morning!
    I love to hear that peeper chorus!

  3. Jubilation! I haven’t heard them yet, but after the awesomeness that was today’s weather, I figure they’ll be along anytime now. I hope you stayed high and dry today, Nancy: I just posted some pics of the drive back through Hants County we had this evening. Lotta water around…

  4. I’m still waiting. I did hear the wood frogs quacking like little ducks though. April is a happy time with love in the air for lots of creatures!

  5. So glad spring has arrived for you! The peepers’ song is not so loud where I live: the songs of all the birds drown them out, but they are just as welcome as a song of spring.

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