Kitchen Sink Soup

Kitchen Sink Soup is one of those “anything goes” recipes; you can’t make it wrong, and it is just about impossible to make it taste bad, though I have had a few combinations I probably wouldn’t repeat.  I thought I’d tell you a few of the things I usually add to make a “base soup”.  After that, anything really does go!

Note that I chop all veggies in a food processor as I like the texture of smaller pieces, but it is just as easily done by hand.  Any size goes!

Everything but the kitchen sink...This morning, I started with a tiny bit of oil in the bottom of a stock pot; use whatever size pot you wish, depending on how large a batch you want or how many ingredients you have on hand.  Heat the oil and to the hot pan, add:

* a large carrot, chopped
* 2 onions, chopped
* 2 stalks of celery, chopped

I let these cook until they are limp and start to brown; it adds a nice flavour to the soup.

Today, I then added:

* 1/2 apple, skin on, finely chopped (it was left from last evening and starting to brown)
* about 1 cup of frozen green and wax beans, chopped (needed to be used up)
* leaves from celery top that I had frozen
* about 1/2 small cabbage, chopped
* about 1/2 cup juices (NOT fat) from a pork loin roast that I had frozen
* about 1/4 cup couscous (uncooked)
* about 1/2 cup left over cooked, brown rice

To this, I added 6-8 cups of chicken stock made from a fat-free powder, but any chicken stock will do.  I prefer the chicken over beef, but you could use beef stock as well.  Let simmer for at least  two hours.

This is where it gets fun and where you can get creative.  You can add just about any leftover vegetable, including mashed pototoes (which act as a tasty thickener); bits of any kind of pasta; beans or lentils (as long as they’re pre-cooked); frozen or canned corn, peas, etc.; vegetable juices; tomatoes, canned or fresh, etc.  When I have it on hand, I usually chop and add turnip and parsnips, and it is especially good with squash!  And, of course, you could add any kind of leftover, cooked meat to the mix.  I generally don’t, unless I have bits of chicken or turkey leftover that aren’t enough to use for anything else.

I have two ketchup bottles that only have a few teaspoons of ketchup each…I’ll swish those out with a bit of hot broth and add to the pot.  As for seasonings, that’s really up to your individual tastes.  This morning, I added a bit of curry powder (apple, cabbage and curry go very well together!), some dried parsley, and an all purpose Mrs. Dash seasoning.  I find the bouillon powder is plenty salty without adding extra.

Mmmm...So, here’s a hearty soup that you can make for pennies and if you’re stiving for frugality like the rest of us these days, it is also a wonderful way to use up leftovers that might otherwise get tossed out.  I can’t even imagine all the vitamins and other good things this soup provides.  Enjoy!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Kitchen Sink Soup”

  1. I should have read this after eating lunch rather than before. Now I am really hungry! Sounds great, I rarely make soups, but have vowed to start. Can’t wait to use a few of your suggestions, Nancy.

  2. Nancy, This sounds absolutely wonderful and right up my “back alley!” ;-) I’m happy to read the inspiration of the “extras” I hadn’t thought of! Have a wonderful day. Your snow WILL recede!

  3. I read all of this post with such interest. I never thought of putting a bit of apple in the recipe–how smart. And you did give me some good ideas for being more thrifty with my throw-away left-overs. I bet it smells good cooking.

    I do love a nicely set table and your red table cloth made the mish mash of left-overs seem extra special.

  4. Great post, Nancy! Though I confess, those chopped veggies in the first photo looked so good, I wanted to skip the soup and just eat a plate of them with some hot-from-the-oven crusty bread and butter!

  5. That’s a bit like the allotment soup I make with whatever’s to hand. Looks delicious Nancy! That’s a good tip about swishing the sauce bottle leftovers in – I’ll keep that in mind for the next time :)

  6. I love a good soup, and this one sounds delicious, especially on this chilly, rainy night.
    I’m going to make a chicken curry tomorrow for the weekend. Yum!
    Like you, I use up the almost empty ketchup bottle with a swish of liquid, but I usually put it in sloppy Joes.

  7. Hi Nancy, you are my kind of cook! I love all soups, expecially the kitchen sink kind. It looks and sounds delicious. I could live on nothing but soup, honestly.

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