Fickle March

March 24 stormIf you scroll to the post below, you’ll see what I mean.  What a difference a day makes!  We received about 10cms overnight and another 10-15cms is expected throughout the day today, along with winds which may cause whiteout conditions.  (That’s Charlie cleaning the car off before work…hi Charlie!)

The "garden"...You can see kitty prints in the snow — nothing fazes that one.  I’d brought the two pots that have bulbs planted in them into a more open part of the deck to get some warming sun.  I’m glad now I didn’t do any digging!  The poor watering can looks downright pathetic.

mar24_chickThe chickadees and other small birds have kept the feeder a lively spot this morning as they fill up between gusts of wind.

mar24_orchidInside, my beautiful orchid has fully spread her little moth wings and is putting on quite a show.  As you can see, it will only be a day or two before the other bud opens.

burgess_mar24_230pmOutside, since I started writing this, the snow has picked up again and it looks much more like winter than spring.  However, such is the fickle nature of March — she can give just as many unseasonably warm days, as well.  Here’s hoping for a few of those very soon!  (The above photo was updated at 2:30pm — it’s still snowing.  Boo!)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Fickle March”

  1. Oh Nancy, March is being down right wintery! I wish you could stop by and have tea and toast on the porch with me! gail

    That would be so lovely, Gail. :)

  2. We are having strong winds and waves without the snow tho’
    thought i would plant my pansies yesterday.. i think old man
    winter needs a new gps!! pansies are waiting for him to leave
    the area!

    I think Old Man Winter and Mother Nature both need a kick in the rear. :)

  3. Nancy, what happen to the brown? Hopefully it will get it all out of its system and when it does warm up it will stay that way.

    I hope you’re right, Lona, but in all seriousness, this really isn’t unusual at all for Nova Scotia. It’s possible that we have snow in May — though I’m NOT wishing for it!! :)

  4. The snow stopped here on the Eastern Shore about two hours ago – but we’re on the other side of the Mt. Uniacke snowbelt – I wish you luck (and a swift end to the snow)!

  5. Snow in March is not unusual here, either; we have had some of our sloppiest, heaviest, wettest snows in March. Our April can be very, very fickle, too.

  6. A bit of a tiresome day, wasn’t it Nancy? I did get down off the mountain this afternoon and slush my way to New Mindless, but my meeting in Truro was cancelled (which was a good thing). I don’t think we need any more weather tantrums this year, but it doesn’t seem that our opinions are included in Nature’s plans!

  7. Oh, my. Something about March weather. You’re quite a bit north of us, so I’d expect this to happen to you. In fact, we can still receive a little snow. However, it wouldn’t last long here. You will truly appreciate warm weather when it arrives to stay!

  8. “Fickle” is exactly the word to describe March. But, oh my, this is downright cruel, Nancy! I hope that this was the last hurrah of March and spring finally arrives for you. By the way, I hope Toby is doing better?

  9. It is not coming here, is it? Promise me, it isn’t, Nancy! I love winter. It is my favorite season. But now the grass is showing, and though it is brown, I want it to be brown not white. That orchid picture is spectacular. Do you read Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mysteries? The whole top floor of Wolfe’s house is given over to growing thousands of orchids. What a sight they would be!

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