I Was Never Fond of Brown

…until all that wonderful, dead, brown grass started showing through!  I can’t believe how much snow has gone today.  And you can actually see patches where the grass is starting to look greener.  This is the view from our side of the apartment building — it faces east, so we see sunrises and is away from the street and traffic noise.  The real bonus is that the sun is off our side of the building by noon in the summer and stays much cooler.


Below, I snapped this through a grimy window on the north side of the building which faces the busiest street in the town proper.  The street you see in the photo holds the hospital and new super (high) school, as well as several apartment buildings and new residential areas.  The building is surrounded by many mature trees.

Facing north...

Again, taken through a window on the second floor (below), what promises to be a lovely sunset.  You can’t see it in this photo, but it was actually snowing a bit.  You can see that there is very little snow left on the ground.  Yay!  The sun sets behind the buildings of the older, very quaint part of town — in between, that’s a large farm pasture.


It may be wishful thinking, but I do believe I see swollen buds on this forsythia, just outside the superintendent’s apartment!  So, though I’ve never really been fond of the colour brown, it sure is nice to see it this time of year!

Wishful thinking?

– – – – – – – – – –

UPDATE, 2 HOURS LATER:  http://tinyurl.com/clsj4z

Honestly!  Grrrr.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “I Was Never Fond of Brown”

  1. Wow Nancy – I can’t believe we live within hours of one another…I still have five feet of snow on my lawn!

    You get rain…we get snow…darn, how fair is that???

  2. Well, the brown was nice while it lasted anyway. That weather warning doesn’t sound good :(
    The nice thing about March snowstorms is that the snow usually doesn’t hang around for long, thank heavens. It’s hard to take at this time of year though, when we’re well and truly sick of it, isn’t it?
    I hope it’s not as bad as predicted.

  3. That was a beautiful sunset Nancy ! .. I still haven’t seen a red sky in ages now .. although the 1/8 ? of a moon was out this morning and I tried taking a picture of that .. Brown , yup ! don’t like that colour .. but when the green starts marching .. it will be fast ! :: )

  4. I do hope your forsythia flowers burst forth soon — we’re well into spring now, and buds are everywhere. The hardwood trees are still wintry, but showing definite signs of expanding buds; the maples have produced fruits, and our soil temperatures are high enough for planting cool season vegetables.

    Spring is definitely on the way for you!

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