Reflecting on Green

springgreenNo, this photo wasn’t taken this year, but it’s the sort of day that makes you believe that these luscious, luminous greens aren’t far away!  We’ve weeks to go here in Nova Scotia before Spring weaves her gown of green throughout the fields and forests, but today, at least, it seems possible.

“The wood is decked in light green leaf.
The swallow twitters in delight.
The lonely vine sheds joyous tears
Of interwoven dew and light.

Spring weaves a gown of green to clad
The mountain height and wide-spread field.
O when wilt thou, my native land,
In all thy glory stand revealed?”

–  Ilia Chavchavadze, ‘Spring’

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Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

16 thoughts on “Reflecting on Green”

  1. Lovely Nancy, that green is the best in the world. Am looking forward to seeing it here too. In the garden tiny bits of spring green are popping up here and there already. This afternoon the sun came out and I had a cuppa tea with friends in their garden. Bliss!

    And take heart, spring will come your way too!

  2. I am growing very impatient for a day like the one you captured in that photo! I know it is on its way but it cannot seem to get here fast enough for me!

  3. I love the photo…it is delightful on so many levels….a rich green, the promise of wonderful weather, a walk in the woods, meditation…Nancy it is a keeper! I’ve often wondered…Do you frame and hang your photos at home? gail

  4. The poem describes spring perfectly and how anxious you must be for it to arrive soon. The calendar may say the Spring Equinox comes this week, but we all know that doesn’t mean everything will magically turn green yet. Hang in there, Nancy!

  5. I’d been looking at my May photos and couldn’t help but stop when I came to a shot of the trees in that perfect shade of spring green. You made me smile when I saw your spring trees – beautiful shot Nancy.

  6. That looks so much like the small lake I spent mu summers on growing up. We’d find turtles sunning themselves on dead trees, much like in the photo. Our lake doesn’t look like that now though, with cottages all the way around, dead trees got hauled away years ago. Turtles still find places to sun themselves though.

  7. Nancy .. that is the kind of picture I want to meditate with in my mind girl .. perfect and calm and gorgeous !
    I won’t tell you how warm and wonderful it was here yesterday .. and today is the same .. but I am working hard .. so it helps for outside duties ! LOL

  8. Ah, oooohhh, uuummmmm….sooooooo beautiful, both photo and poem. Makes me feel all warm inside, which is good ’cause baby it’s cold OUTside.

  9. What a wonderful shot Nancy – so contemplative, as most of your photos are.

    You won a pkt of lettuce seeds on my blog. Congratulations!

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