Good things come to those who wait.

Patience is a virtue.

A watched kettle never boils.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Patience is its own reward?

Still waiting — patiently — for this orchid to bloom.  It’s big, and looks like it’s ready to burst, but apparently not.  Yet.   Among the many things gardening teaches, patience is certainly one of them!

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Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Patience!”

  1. Ooh ooh ooh, a phalaenopsis! It may take forever to open, but once it does, it will stay in bloom for months! A fantastic reward for your gardening patience.

    I’m *scared to death* that something is going to happen to the bud before it opens! Too little water, not enough…too warm, too cold…too much gawking! Hee. I don’t even know what colour it is, so I’m hoping at least one opens. This plant was a “rescue” from our local supermarket — it had already bloomed and those blooms died off from being too cold. These are two new buds it has set out, so they seem doubly special. :-)

  2. It really does doesn’t it! gail

    Sure does, especially this time of year! We all know the urge to sweep mulch and leaf cover aside to get a glimpse of any little shoots that may be poking their heads up. I feel like scraping down the soil in the pots on the balcony that hold some fall bulbs — but I won’t. :) Because as sure as I do, we’ll get hit with a late winter storm and freeze! Patience. :-)

  3. It sure is hard to wait. I just finished waiting (not so long ago) for my first orchid to open ~ it felt like it took forever! Those buds stayed like yours are now, getting a little bigger all the time but taking their sweet time to unfurl. Once they do tho, you’ll be rewarded!!!

  4. lol Thanks for the reminders. The need to get outside and get moving in the garden is strong right now. :)

    Looks like your orchid will be worth the wait! Enjoy.

  5. That’s a lucky plant to be rescued by you and Charlie :) I’m sure your patience will be rewarded with beautiful blooms. I’ll look forward (with you) to seeing what color they are.
    Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

  6. Yep…patience is a good thing to have when gardening! I get really impatient for spring to begin. We’re having an early one here! I’m so surprised and actually am cautiously optimistic that we won’t get a late snow like we sometimes do. There’s still that chance, but hopefully not!

    And since I’m going backwards in reading your entries, I know that this bud is now gloriously open! :-)

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