Another Sign of Spring

Daydreaming...‘Tis a sure sign of spring!  First, that we are able to have the windows wide open on this beautiful, sunny day so that, secondly, Toby can sit and watch the birds on the lawn below. :)  The ledge is too narrow for such a large kitty when the window is shut, so he’s been having a great time watching the pigeons strut around.  He had his head pressed against the screen for a better view and it looked as though he was contemplating having a snooze.

I discovered some more jewels for the garden at, of all places,  Who knew they sold seeds?!  Well, all of you, probably…but I didn’t.  And look at what little gems caught my eye today!

They taste like lemons!How about these Lillipop Tomatoes?  And they taste like lemons!   (The links with all photos will take you to the description on amazon’s site.)

blackseamantomatoAren’t these amazing?  Black Sea Man Tomatoes, described as being rich in flavour.  I’d just like to see some sliced on a plate!

bigrainbowtomatoAnd this golden beauty, Big Rainbow Tomato.  I love that the meat is so dense with few seeds — another one I’d love to see on my table.


And finally, this Yellow Wonder Alpine Strawberry — which is yellow when ripe and requires no netting because birds are not attracted to its lemony fruit.  How different!

These may not be new, but they’re new and exciting to me. :)  I might have to order a couple of those tomatos (seeds).  If anyone has tried any of them before, please share.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “Another Sign of Spring”

  1. Lollipop tomatoes that taste like lemon! I wish they taste like the name – lollipop. I would be sitting in front of the plant and popping these in my mouth one by one! :-)

  2. What beautiful veggies and berries Nancy! The pictures look good enough to eat.

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying some mild weather – you certainly deserve it after your cold, snowy winter.

    It’s 60 degrees here now, but it’s supposed to drop like a stone tonight, back to winter tomorrow!

    Toby looks very happy enjoying the breeze, sights, and scents through the screen. He’s a beautiful cat.

  3. I didn’t know they sold seeds either. How fun to see this selection. What a pretty table arrangement you could make of this assortment. That yellow is very in right now. I can see yellow checked cloth napkins on a bright red tablecloth–can’t you?

  4. Well this just makes me mad. I don’t have any more room for additional tomato varieties and those sound incredible. Maybe next year. Sigh.

  5. What a treat to open the window! We haven’t managed to do that here yet. Your kitty is enjoying the show. That’s a great photo.
    I’ve eaten (but not grown) the little yellow pear shaped tomatoes, but not of these. They all look interesting. And yellow strawberries? Now that’s really different.
    It’s the 4th day in a row of overnight and morning rain here. No sun, just gray skies. But I’m seeing a little green in the lawn. Spring is coming…at long last! I hope you’re getting sunshine up there. :)

  6. Oh Nancy, your cat photo is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it. You should blow it up and frame it. :-)
    I never knew Amazon sold seeds either?? Where have we been?!!!

  7. Wow, what impressive tomatoes! And, I’m glad you enjoyed some of the spring-like weather, too.

    And wasn’t the full moon nice this week?


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