Pot Plotting

It is finally that time of not-quite-spring when — despite the gloomy forecasts and the dreary monotones that still surround us — we dare start to make plans for this season’s gardens,  this being a much greater chore for most of you than it is for me on my wee balcony.

However, though it is a small space, I think the planning is still challenging.  I’ve determined that I can’t possibly have everything; therefore, making the best use of every little nook and hook becomes paramount.

bhg_drawing(Drawing from Better Homes & Gardens, Container Plans)

I really like this half barrel planting, and it or something similar, would fit nicely into the largest empty corner on the balcony.  I have an old, galvanized tub that would serve well as a container for this…painted or left as is.

plume celosiaBecause I love colour, I thought a Plume Celosia would do well in the center (or back, however one decided to arrange the plants).  I’ve never grown them in a container before, but I do love their variety of colours and they would be an appropriate height.

african_daisyAfrican daisies (Osteospermum) would fill in the middle nicely.  I have grown them in containers before and they do well in the part sun/part shade on the balcony.

bacopablutopiablueFinally, something that would tumble over the edge of the planter and provide a contrasting colour — such as this Bacopa (Blutopia).  I’ve overused lobelia and allysum over the years, though they are lovely, but something like this would make a nice change.  Or perhaps a miniature cascading petunia in a raspberry colour.

A little more research is required, of course, but that’s half the fun.  While we’re on the topic of research, would you look at these tomatoes and potatoes I found, new for 2009 on Better Homes & Gardens site?  They’re gorgeous!

ss_pattysbeefsteakCheck out this link on the BH&G site for more information — they usually have a supplier in the description.  LOVE those tomatoes, if they taste as good as they look.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Pot Plotting”

  1. Hi Nancy, oh how wonderful that will be. I love your choices. The celosia is a favorite of mine as well. Those tomatoes are gorgeous! So glad you can begin to plan your garden this year. Hooray!

    Thanks, Frances — I hope the celosia will do well in a container? Planning is half the fun…and the biggest challenge! :)

  2. Nancy, Would your galvanized tub be large enough for a potato plant? ;-) I like your choice of flowers. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to have such choices?

    Hi Shady — I’m sure the tub would be large enough for potatoes, but I’m going to try something different with them: growing them in lined, fabric sacks! I love to experiment…I’ve nothing planned for bottles this year though. Yet. :)

  3. I agree with other ones. The colors are great together. We had snow today, and I hope it is the last of it.

    Hi Sandy — I hope I can put together something that looks nice and bright. I’d like to believe we’ve seen the last snow, but I think that would be a bit premature here. :)

  4. Hmm. Now I’m interested. I can’t stand any of those plants except the potato! I wonder whether you’d feel the same about my plants – but given the time of year, there’s only muddy grass on show…

  5. Those tomatoes are making my mouth water, I can’t wait to harvest home grown tomatoes this summer.

    Though I’ve grown tomatoes many times in the past, this year will be the first for the balcony.

  6. Those tomatoes look wonderful. Yummy.

    Great flower choices.

    Are you having any problems viewing the picks on Blotanical?

    It has been over a week for me now. Stuart had said that I needed to update, and I did that. But it is worse now.


    Jen, thanks for your visit and yes, Blotanical is still having troubles with the Picks, but Stuart is aware and trying to solve the problem. He sometimes posts an update through Twitter. So, hang in there. :)

  7. Ohhh those tomatoes have my mouth watering, they are stunning!

    Love all the color you have picked out for this year, can’t wait to see them all together in your garden, Kim

    Don’t those tomatoes look wonderful? I haven’t seen anything like them around here, so they might be hard to get, but we shall see. :)

  8. Nancy, it’s always so fun to see what other people plan for their pots (and also how they plan: you are way ahead of me on organization. I just get plants I HAVE to have, then work out the combinations).

    Not going to do the nasturtiums in bottles this year? I may try it myself, I was so impressed with how you did that last year. Maybe you could try a panoply of water or bog plants for your bottles? (Easy for me to say, it’s not my garden.)

  9. I think your galvanized tub would look great planted up with all those beauties. That Celosia is eyecatching! My kitty Mooch has been enjoying being able to sit in the window with his head pressed against the screen too. ;)

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