Spring Ahead!


This is the sort of day it has been, for the most part, in my town today — this, the view from the balcony just a short while ago.  The birds are singing a brighter tune, and that distinct wind that only blows in March, gently sways the pines and leafless poplars.  The sun has shone brightly, resulting in this…

meltand this…

melt2and also this…

melt3Now, those brownish yellowish greenish patches might not be very pretty, but when they’ve been covered for months by FEET of snow, seeing them is a revelation…a sure sign that the earth is finally starting to warm — Spring is on the way!

Inside, the first moth orchid (Phalaenopsis) that Charlie brought home is doing very well and appears healthy with two fat, green flower buds.

1orchid_budHe brought another moth orchid home last week (gotta love that man!) and it also has buds on it.  (below)  They are of a different colour, so I’m anxious to see what happens with it.  None of the tags, of course, even hint at colour.



And so, it’s Spring Forward! in more than one way today.  Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead when you retire tonight.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

24 thoughts on “Spring Ahead!”

  1. Hi Nancy, what a relief to see that the earth is still there under all that snow. A spring thaw is the very best way to celebrate the time change. Personally, I wish it happened in April so the wait for the sunrise won’t be so long for us early risers. Your orchid buds are full of promise. I can’t wait to see what color they will be!

    I do hope this weather pattern continues, Frances. :) It sure is nice to see some hopeful signs. Yes, I can’t wait to see what colour the orchids are either — that’s half the fun.

  2. Nancy:
    I had the same type of day yesterday, so spent the day removing some of the leaf mulch and seeing what was starting to awaken from its winter slumber. Your orchid buds are a golden promise of beauty yet to come…. how wonderful.
    I didn’t toss any of the leaves away because they have forecast -7 by the end of next week! If we have to accept spring in small doses… I guess I am willing to play along for now. Stay warm!

    I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the pots on the balcony, hoping we might soon see little green tips poking through the soil…though I suspect it’s a bit early yet for this region. :)

  3. Nancy .. we had a bit of sun this morning .. I got up at 6 hoping to catch a nice sunrise .. but not again .. I haven’t captured a decent sunrise in ages now .. what is going on ?? .. we have rain this evening .. it poured at times .. so some snow is leaving faster than “it” thought it would ?? LOL … Pretty blue sky picture !

    It poured through the night last night, but turned into a beautiful morning. We have some nice, sunny days ahead — I hope it warms up a little bit. But, it is just the first of March. :)

  4. So glad you are getting some relieft, at last, Nancy! We have those big tumultuous clouds,too. But a full week of sun stretches out in front of us and i just mowed the lawn for the first time this season!!

    Lawn mowing — such a foreign concept! :) We’re a good two months away from that. I’d be happy to see a crocus!

  5. I’m glad that spring seems like it’s ahead. We had a lovely warm day today, with spring practically around the corner.

    Hope the orchid flowers open up soon!

    Spring will soon be upon us, Lisa — and for all our wishing and bellyaching about the colder months, when it does arrive, we’ll all be scurrying to keep ahead of it! :)

  6. Awww…the thaw is definitely a good sign of the season ahead. Can’t wait to see the colors of your Orchids when they bloom!

    Me, too! Pics for sure.

  7. Nancy, Feet of snow on the ground ….feats of endurance for you all! Finally some real signs of spring. Thanks for the reminder about springing forward! gail

    Hi Gail — I spent some time on your site the day Blotanical was down, and went back months and months, looking for a photo, which I found. :) Your gardens are so lovely, so natural. It was a great day for a stroll through your clay and limestone. :)

  8. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling, knowing the snow is melting? I love the title of your post. We do have a new spring in our step, don’t we?

    Yes indeed, those days which give us even the slightest glimpse of spring are gifts, for sure, and they do put a spring in your step!

  9. You’ve got a phal which has a branching spike? Wow! I dont see that very often. The second one looks like its a purple or red going by the colour of the buds and the flower stalk. The whites and yellows usually have greenish buds. Just my own unscientific method of gauging the colours, based only on experience ;D

    Well Sunita, your experience is 100% more than my own, so I do hope you’re right! I figured the blooms would be different colours, but one dark and one lighter would be great. :) I’ll be sure to post pics as they bloom.

  10. I love snow, but this post does make me grateful for our milder winters here! It must be so, so exciting.

    Today is the first day here I can really feel the rush of spring. The weeds are growing properly again, the plants are gowing out as well as up, and the nearly alternate days of rain and sun are just perfect.

  11. Oh, getting to see the ground instead of snow, that’s great! Now we hope that the sun stays close and heat it all up / gittan

    Thanks so much for your visit! Yes, let’s hope the sun warms the earth and keeps it that way, though I’m sure we’ve got some cold weather in store yet. :-)

  12. Everyone’s talking about spring. so far, I came across only one who lament on late spring at her place. A bit funny …

    Hi Blossom — well, we don’t get too excited here yet about Spring. We can have snow right into May, and frost as well. But finding these small signs — however fleeting…we had snow last night and this morning — sure gives one reason to hope. But I’m content to wait…good thing, because one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t hurry Mother Nature. :)

  13. I covet orchids! Love them but don’t have any as I can never decide ONE to get. Happy springing ahead!

    I hear you, Janet — I have very little room for plants, inside or out, for that matter. One thing about buying them in bud, not bloom, is that it’s a complete surprise. :)

  14. Isn’t it just such a treat to see that ground!! We’ve got a fair bit as well. Have you ever seen this old New Yorker cover? It’s been hanging on my wall, cut off the magazine for all these years. I just love it.


    Hi Nan! That cover is wonderful! I love whimsical things like that, and it’s perfect for the seasons. I’m glad you’re starting to see some bare ground as well. :)

  15. Hi Nancy,
    it’s gorgeous here today, but I have a difficult time with the time change. My body clock resists. We have returning finches nesting in jasmine vines outside the french doors. Hooray! Alice

  16. nancy, I am honored that you would spend time at Clay and Limestone…thank you so very much for your always kind words and continued support. You are the best! gail

  17. All our snow has melted, but today we are getting some of the horrible frozen pellet type of precipitation. It’s not quite snow or hail. Thank goodness it is not sticking.

  18. hooray! Gotta love it when the snow melts and reveals the ground underneath. and what a lot of fun you have ahead of you waiting for your orchids to reveal themselves. My mystery orchid had green buds like one of yours and turned out to be white when it opened. I’m betting the purple buds are at least pink???

  19. Happy Spring forward to you! I’ve been busy in the garden for a good week now. We had 80 degree temps the past few days. I like seeing your grass coming alive. I’m seeing the weeds sprout too in my yard.

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