Premature Prognostication

© Nancy J. BondAfter several spring-like days that brought milder temperatures and a fair bit of rain, it was a treat to look out onto the front lawn and see large bare spots around the crabapple tree, and most of the other shrubs.  Who would ever think one could get excited about old brown grass!  It does give one reason to hope.  Or it did…until we woke this morning to this (photo below).

Freezing rain coats rose hips...  © Nancy J. BondWe had several hours of non-stop freezing rain and, pretty though it may be, the roads are treacherous and it just feels so much more like winter again.  Well of course, it IS winter, but thoughts of spring on a day like this are far away.

However, anticipation is part of the fun of grdening, I think we’d all agree, and I did take a few small steps toward this year’s planting over the weekend.

potsOn Friday, I spent an hour or so making some little starter pots out of the week’s newspaper flyers.  I doubt I’ll be placing paper and all in my containers, so no worries about the coloured ink…and I think they’re rather festive looking.

Colour!I also bought a couple of colourful pots, made for hanging over a balcony railing, I think.  But I’m going to alter them slightly and put them on each side of the patio doors.  I love the bright colours, and if they’d had a lime green or yellow, they’d have come home with me, too. :)  For $1 each, you can’t beat that.

Yum!And a few of the seeds that I *know* I want to plant — ‘Bright Lights’ Swiss Chard, catnip, ‘Better Boy’ Tomatoes, and lettuce, ‘Royal Red’.  Any flowers I get will likely be annuals and purchased ready to transplant.  I simply don’t have the space to start many seedlings inside.  It’s a start!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

16 thoughts on “Premature Prognostication”

  1. Yucky days or a good time to start planning & dreaming of spring!

    Well, the planning and dreaming, for sure — it’s been freezing rain ALL day today, and a warning still issued for more. Winter is definitely not finished with us yet. :)

  2. Love the starter pots, Nancy … how colorful and clever! Enjoy your birthday month of March! I see the earth here also … brown is beautiful :)

    They’re easy as can be to make, Joey — reduce, reuse, and recycle. :-)

  3. It’s a great start, Nancy! I also love the starter pots. What happens to them ultimately? They bear the seedling and then you transplant the seedling? Too bad they aren’t biodegradable and you could put them directly in the ground. Remember that Celia Thaxter used to start her seedlings in eggshells!

    Hi Kathryn — normally, these newspaper pots ARE completely biodegradable, but something tells me you shouldn’t use coloured ink if you’re going to leave your seedlings in the “pots”…or perhaps it is just shiny coloured ink. I’m not sure. Whatever the case, I’m only planting in containers and pots, and when they’re well-established, I’ll discard the paper. If I were planting a “proper garden” with larger beds, etc., I would definitely leave them in their little pots. I love the idea of eggshells!

  4. That ice looks deadly – what a winter. Thank goodness for seed starting. Some of the flyers are done with veggie inks – my clue was that my paper pots started to sprout fungus – not harmful & certainly helped them compost. Hardly any paper left by the time I got them into their proper pots.

  5. I am so glad you had a break, even if small, from the relentless winter weather you all have had! But you did put your housebound time to excellent use! Clever RRR with the pots….Be safe, keep warm and sow indoors! gail

  6. Calling March a renegade would not be too smart, so I will call it indecisive. Wants, but it is scared of…
    Here the snow is melting very slowly too. It looked, that it is on the best way home, but cold came back and still some spots of snow are visible here and there.
    I like your temporary pots – they are colorful and also very good recycling idea.

  7. Nancy, those colourful pots are wonderful, and just so cheerful in all this gloomy weather. I’m stuck in the driveway here until the salt truck shows up this morning, because we’re having ice fog now! Have I mentioned I’m sick of winter? I’d rather have snow than ice any day of the week….

  8. We can see the ground here too but the wind is straight out of the arctic.
    Ice is treacherous. I’ll take snow rather than ice any day.
    Yes, starting some seeds will be a nice move toward spring. Can’t wait to see some sprouts!
    Your new pots are so colorful!

  9. What a neat idea. I am going to start some seeds too. I ordered some very easy ones and will see how they do. Everybody in blogging world got me interested.

  10. Nancy-
    I love those colorful paper pots and your painted pots ready to go. Glad you had a bit of a respite from the winter, even though icy weather is back.

    I was delighted to see some spinach seedlings (and seedlings from a salad mix, too) coming up in outdoor pots even after being covered with snow for a couple of days.

  11. ooh, those hanging pots are sweet! i try to keep all containers on my balcony in bluish colours so now i wish i lived just around the corner from you so that i could copy your find for just one dollar!

    I think it was jodi’s blue arbour that first showed me how blue really POPS in the garden. :)

  12. I love the little pots! And the pretty metal ones too, actually.

    Seeing your weather makes me so grateful and appreciative of our daffodils, late as they are by our standards. But from here, yes, the freezing rain is beautiful!

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