Pewter and Silver

© Nancy J. Bond

“It was one of those chilly and empty
afternoons in mid winter,
when the daylight is
silver rather than gold
and pewter rather than silver.”
– G. K. Chesterton


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Pewter and Silver”

  1. Your photo is a great fit with the quote. Those words describe our sky well today too. Rain is falling and a cold wind is blowing. Even though the temps have risen it’s miserable out there.
    It’s a soup and sandwich day. BTW, we did have your pancakes on Tuesday :) They were delicious!

  2. Dear nancy, We are having those dark clouds here in Tennessee~~the quote is perfect with your photo and our day.
    have a lovely weekend with C~ gail

  3. Perfect quote and photo for today, Nancy. Although in 50s yesterday, a cold front is passing through the state … high winds, rain/sleet, black ice; had to postpone our trip to the lake again this weekend … the whole area shut down because of ice storm.

  4. Nancy:
    How ultimately perfect! Our +8 quickly disintegrated to -5 and from weather forecasts at dinner, we are heading towards -14 by midnight! Alas, March is just around the …. next snowbank, am I right????

  5. We’re finally having some much-needed rain, so the gray skies did reflect mid-winter, rather than the spring to come.

    Lots of bird activity, here, to be sure.


  6. Beautiful photo, Nancy! Chesterton describes the colors of winter so well. The weather here can’t make up its mind what to do, rain or snow, but either way it’s a gray, gray day.

    Thank you for your kind comments regarding my father. He is doing much better and is quite lucky to have no serious effects from the stroke. Good luck with your orchid–I’ve never been brave enough to try growing one:)

  7. Nancy – what a perfect way to look at a grey day – pewter and silver really does put a little twist of sparkle on a dull day. I’m going to take a page from your book.

  8. Nancy .. you have written it perfectly ! That was what I wanted to say a few days ago about the clouds and day light here .. you read my mind girl ! LOL

  9. OH wow!, those birds are perfect. They look pewter and grey too. It’s snowing in NC! I know I told you that already! Did you ever see the video I made for you–about a month ago?. It was pitiful. I was trying to make a snowflake out of the flurries we had but it never amounted to anything. But today….oh glorious today!…it has snowed and is still coming down in big fat flakes! I know you are sick of it…but this is our first.

    Hey, I looked at your quilts—-they are all so pretty. I quilt too.

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