Wild, Wonderful Weekend

© Thomas Lizotte, L'Hebdo Chaleur

Now THAT is a blizzard!  After a brief but wonderful visit Saturday and Sunday, my daughter and her Little Family arrived home just ahead of this storm system last night.  This morning, the snow was higher than the hood of their car and the area is still under a blizzard warning.  Fortunately, the entire city has shut down for the day.  Here in Nova Scotia, we escaped with a couple inches of snow that rain promptly took away, and some gusty wind.

Grandson Nolan is a delight and growing up so fast.  It was terrific to get to spend time with him again.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “Wild, Wonderful Weekend”

  1. Wow, that really is a blizzard! I’m glad everyone got home okay before it hit. Your grandson really is growing up, Nancy. I remember the first photo you had on your sidebar… at this age they seem to change every time you see them.

    He certainly does — it had only been since Christmas, and I saw a huge difference. He’s a sweet little boy with a gentle soul and, already, a sly sense of humour. :) Yes, I was very glad to know they were safely off the highway.

  2. Nancy, That is one incredible storm…so glad everyone is warm and safe in their respective homes! Nolan is still adorable and he is looking more like a little boy. They change in the blink of an eye.

    They do, indeed, change in the blink of an eye. :) Yes, New Brunswick received about 50cms of snow — that’s about 18-20″ ! I’m sure the kids are still digging out.

  3. Love the photos, Nancy. We got about 10 0r 11 inches here along the coast, but inland places were hit with up to 25 inches. When I watched the noon new, 130, 000 were without power.

    Glad you family got home safely. I have traveled in blizzards before, and it is scary.

    Yes Sandy, blizzard and white-outs really are scary — both for those who are driving in them, and those who are worrying about them. :-) I’ve had about enough snow for this year, haven’t you? ;)

  4. Nancy .. my god girl !! terrific picture of the storm .. we were bypassed by some truly odd event .. and you were thumped ! .. Spring where the heck are YOU ??? LOL
    Grandchild is too adorable : )

    Thanks, Joy — he is a sweetheart. :) The photo is actually taken from a NB online newspaper — if you hover over the photo, it should give the name of the photographer. (I think!)

  5. Wow, that looks like a wild storm.

    Here in Nova Scotia, we got off relatively easily. What snow fell was washed away by milder temps and rain. New Brunswick, to the north of us, got really hammered. That’s where the photo was taken, and where my daughter and grandson live. The snow was over the hood of her car yesterday morning — fortunately, everything was closed for the day.

  6. We had only a bit of snow last weekend, and lots of wind. I’m so glad we didn’t have MORE snow… Your family is so fortunate to have been able to get there before the snow. (Was that your mailman outdoors?) I’m certain you had a great visit! :-)

    Hi Shady — yes, we had a wonderful visit. And they were so lucky to have good travelling weather with a storm before AND after they came home. The photo as I mentioned above was taken from a NB newspaper — we had some high winds, but nothing that looked quite like that. The poor man!

  7. Your grandson is a cutie! I sure hope we are done with snow for the winter.

    Thanks, Robin — I think we’ll keep him. :-) And yes, as much as I love winter, I’m ready to see the end of this one!

  8. My, Nolan is growing up so fast! Delighted your weekend turned out so delightful, exactly what you deserve :)

    Thanks, Joey! He really is growing, which is a good thing, of course, but oh my — they truly don’t stay babies for very long. :(

  9. Holy cow. Glad I wasn’t walking around in that!

    And what a cutie the GS is!

    Thanks, Susan — we sure think so. :) Nope, I wouldn’t want to be out in that sort of weather, either. That’s good-book-by-the-fireside weather!

  10. So glad to hear the kids made it for a visit and then got home safely before that awful blizzard. Oh my! Certainly cozy-inside-by-the-fire weather.
    Your little Nolan is as cute as can be. Aren’t they a joy to be around? Yes, they do grow up way too fast. Our youngest just had his 5th birthday.
    We had snow all day yesterday and there were whiteouts in places. Not a good day for driving.

  11. He’s got a terrific attitude in that picture. He’s playing every slant of both little innocent boy and having a mischievous twinkle in his eye. I like his little friend.

    This is really crazy and I don’t have all the details yet–but we may get the mother of all snow storms this weekend into Monday. NC can’t survive long with the kind of pics you posted. So glad your family made it home safely.

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