Botanical Match Game

taunton_gameFor those times when you just have nothing better or more pressing to do (ahem!), take a stab at this Botanical Match Game on Taunton’s Fine Gardening site.  It’s exactly like the game of Memory we played as kids.  Addictive.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Botanical Match Game”

  1. That’s me – memory of a goldfish!

    Thanks for the fun pastime Nancy.

    Stuff like this is supposed to be good for memory, right? So don’t worry about getting addicted – this game is good brain exercise!

    Yah, that’s it! Brain exercise! ;)

  2. Oh, this is just great! I’m already addicted to Blotanical. My family thinks I need to go to Rehab. Now, something else to get hooked on!I’m doomed:)

    Oh, but you can take it in measured doses. ;-)

  3. What fun…I’m going to go back and play a bit longer…thanks! gail.

    It is fun…and for as many times as I’ve played it, I just barely got my time under a minute! Grr.

  4. Nancy-
    Only the other day ( I forget which!!) I was lamenting the fact that there has been too much aluminum in my deodorant, hence the increased forgetfulness, and now you post this on your blog? Are you trying to tell me something!!! LOL :) 01:13:00 or some such number…. you mention being under a minute…..can I borrow your deodorant and then try again?
    Thanks for providing a repreive from all this snow!

  5. Thanks, Nancy, that’s the best fun I’ve had all day. (The rest of it I’ve spent fasting in preparation for a gastroscopy earlier this evening, so I really mean that!)

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