Bird Banter


Birds of a feather, stick together?


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “Bird Banter”

  1. Funny, Nancy :)
    I often find the starling pics especially lend themselves to captions.
    They may be greedy, pain-in-the-neck birds, but their antics are amusing.
    We had a large flock of goldfinches this morning, with a few siskins mixed in.
    I’m noticing the little red buds on your maple. Ours has them too. Pretty, aren’t they?
    Are you getting the predicted storm yet?
    We had 4″ of new snow yesterday.

    Hi Kerri — oh yes, the storm has started in earnest. We’re supposed to get 6-8″ before it’s done. Yuck!

  2. LOL, very clever, Nancy! With starlings, I think they probably all did it:)
    Another snow storm? I won’t complain then about the light dusting we got today.

  3. I haven’t seen those rascals in a long time. I sometimes put birdseed in the leftover pancake batter and just minutes after I throw it out the door…the starlings are here. How do they know?

  4. I admire starlings … there is no weather that you don’t see them out in looking for food. And truthfully, here in Halifax, they eat up a lot of discarded food.

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