A Basket Full of Posies


Charlie’s Mom, who has spent nearly two weeks in the hospital with a painful back, went home for the day yesterday before returning for more physio this week.  Happily, she is making good progress.  Yesterday was her birthday, as well as Valentine’s Day, so it was a nice break for her to have the day at home.

When we visited, she gifted me this plant and the basket it is in, and I simply love it!  It is a rather common houseplant, and I’ve seen it in the flower sections of our local supermarket.  It is a Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, a succulent that belongs to the same family as Sedum.  Easy to grow, and easy to propagate with the right light and moisture, I’m anxious to see if I can get it to bloom again when these luscious blossoms are spent.

basket_bloomsThis just happens to be my favorite colour combination in the garden — the pinks with oranges, apricots and reds — and I hope this little guy will be happy enough to bloom again.  There are many buds to open yet.

basket_blooms_closeup1These delicate colours just scream, “Spring!” to me.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “A Basket Full of Posies”

  1. The plant family might be common, but the flower color and the love that came with them are certainly dear! gail

    Indeed, Gail. :) Charlie’s Mom has received so many beautiful flower arrangements that she was running out of space for them all — I was delighted to take this one home. :)

  2. Beautiful spring colors all combined into one charming little plant! Good luck with it Nancy. :)

    Thanks, Racquel — I’ve done a bit of research and IF I don’t kill it, it should do quite well in the cooler area in front of our patio doors. :)

  3. That is so pretty with the combination of colors. I have a Kalanchoe and it is not doing well at all this winter. I should probably try to propagate it and discard the ugly plant.

    Propagation is, apparently, as easy as sticking a leaf into potting soil. I’m come across a dozen sites that have done this and ended up with new plants. There is a trick to getting them to re-bloom — I believe they need more darkness than light in the summer/fall — I’ve found quite a bit of useful info online. Yes, I do love that combination of colours.

  4. Oh yes, I just love kalanchoes. This one has multiple colors. Wow

    I thought it was very pretty. :) I’d like to find some others in different colours, too — but I’ll wait to see how this one does first.

  5. A beautiful addition! I was inspired to hit the supermarket yesterday and came home with a two toned Cyclamen – unfortunately not the perennial type, but a nice burst of fuschia and pink edges nonetheless! I’m sure it will reward you well!

    I hope you’re right, Teza — I’ve looked at Cyclamens with great interest, but I generally don’t have much luck with houseplants because off the direction and amount of light my apartment windows get. But here’s hoping this little fellow does ok — enjoy your Cyclamen. They’re very pretty.

  6. It’s true about propagating these kalanchoes, Nancy…I’ve been regenerating all kinds of them since my days at AC, when I was forever swiping leaves from the plants in the greenhouses there, but don’t tell them, okay?

    I won’t say a word. :) I’m glad to hear that your experiences with these little plants have been good ones. Could we put them outside in the summer?

  7. Nancy, I was just the recipient of a kalanchoe myself! Yours has very subtle coloring. Mine is pretty bold. I do like how kalanchoes seem to have several colors and shades of color on the same plant. I, too, hope that it will someday rebloom. :-)

    I love bold, bright colour! They come in such a wonderful variety. :)

  8. There’s a good reason for them to be common: they are excellent plants that give you months and months of flowers. Lovely gift!

    Yes, it was lovely. I look forward to lots of blooms, then. :)

  9. What a gorgeous gift! The Kalanchoe has a wonderful mix of hues, and looks so pretty in the basket. I hope you manage to get it to rebloom. I must get myself one. I meant to last year, but was a little too late to find a nice one.

  10. How generous of her! I hope she can come home to stay soon. The colors of your kalanchoe are an exquisite combination. Interesting about how easy they are to propagate. I always thought after they finished blooming, that was it??

  11. It really is an attractive color combination and one I’m very fond of. I bet you will get it to bloom again and maybe….again! Glad to hear she is doing better. It’s not easy on anyone when their loved ones get sick.

  12. A lovely way to spend Valentine’s Day, Nancy. Your Kalanchoe is a gorgeous color and they seem to bloom forever in bright light. Back issues are horrific (Mike has suffered his whole life – partly from a congenital defect as with his twin sister- and again from old football injuries) ~ do hope Charlie’s Mom responds to her therapy.

  13. Nancy .. I have seen this plant quite a few times but not in such a pretty colour selection. What a nice planted and basket to be gifted ! : )

  14. I hope Charlie’s mom continues to improve. I love Kalanchoes and they are one of the very first plants I ever tried to grow when I got married and had plants of my own. I have this same color combo in one that I own now. I love it just as you do!

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