Dreams of a Wildflower Meadow

dandelions“You cannot forget if you would those golden kisses all over the cheeks
of the meadow, queerly called dandelions.”
– Henry Ward Beecher

This photo was taken last May 18 on farmland just a few miles from town.  May 18?! That seems like an eternity away, doesn’t it?  Well, it does to those of us who have endured what feels like the longest winter of our lives.

Daydreaming helps.  I thought this morning that if I ever have a property with the space to support it, I would definitely plant a wildflower meadow garden.  On my former property, there were 4+ acres to play with — as much or as little as wanted could have been planted this way.  It is, of course, possible to plant a wildflower garden in any bed.  But I’m thinking of a meadow-like space that one could amble through on breezy summer days.  A place where you could lie down and watch the clouds float by.  A field, awash with colour, that would sway and dance in the wind.

Such as this…

wildflower-meadow(Flickr photo by polandeze)

Or this…

wildflower-meadow2(Flickr photo by kyleandkelly)

Or this…

wildflower-meadow3(Flickr photo by baxterclaws)

A place to think, read, write, be…a place to dream, amid the flutter of wings.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Dreams of a Wildflower Meadow”

  1. Ah yes, dreaming helps :)
    I planted an area of wildflowers over the bank several years ago. It was filled with beautiful poppies and other wildflowers the first year, but mostly chicory the following year. At least we got to enjoy it for one brief summer.
    Now I’m content to enjoy the flowers that Mother Nature plants in the meadows without any help from me.
    In the spring time our field accross the road looks just like your top photo…beautiful!

    Ah, chicory — one of my favorites. :) Yes, we have many native flowers that grow along the roadsides and fields here, too. Mother Nature does a fine job!

  2. Those are simply gorgeous pictures, Nancy – so natural-looking. One of my very favorite trips in late Summer is up Mount Adams, near Portland here, where the wildflowers we expect in Spring down here are finally blooming there…. Lupines, Indian Paintbrush, Columbines, Asters, Alpines of all sorts – just a million brightly-colored flowers in an absolute riot of color. It’s almost startling how it works, with heat below and Spring above at such a weird time of year. I am a huge wildflower fan. I actually have installed quite a few larger wildflower areas myself. The mixes one can get these days are unreal.

    Hi Steve — I’ve always loved wildflowers and yes, you can get some really fantastic seed mixes. Lupines grow along the roadsides and ditches here in Nova Scotia — very common, but I never tire of them. Same with chicory, which is one of my favorites. I can only imagine the sort of wildflower meadow YOU could put together. Thanks for your visit and for taking the time to comment. :)

  3. Spring will be here before you know it Nancy. We are almost half way through February already. Lovely pictures of what will be once again.

  4. Oh yes, I would also love to have a wildflower meadow garden! Considering that I live in suburbia, I can’t see it happening, so I visit the meadows at the local metroparks instead. I even did a blog post on my love of meadows back on October 18 and September 30. I dearly love them!

  5. I’m dreaming with you, Nancy! We have a park not too far from here–called Meadowbrook, of course–with a large prairie restoration planting. It’s a great place to walk and to get one’s fix of wildflowers.

  6. Nancy, you are making me long to drive somewhere over the rainbow, right now, to find those meadows covered with wildflowers:)
    I am also reminded of the meadow in the “Wizard of Oz” on the way to Emerald City, where all of those red poppies were growing…
    Oh, mmm, I’m getting very relaxed now. I’m falling asleep, snooze. zzzz……(Thanks!)

  7. I am lucky since I have view over wonderful meadows from my windows and backyard patio. My hedges mark the line between culture and nature. Nice pictures you have chosen – particularly the last one. Thanks for visiting my blog during the months I was out of the loop. It made me happy.

  8. Hello Nancy…Your fields of dream flowers are beautiful. I hope the days ahead are warmer and spring hurries its fantastic self to your neck of the garden! gail

  9. Nancy,

    Ah… places where you can get lost in your thoughts, daydreaming the day away. I am hopeful that winter will loosen it’s grip early this year. We’ve had a few “teaser” days. 36 days until spring!! ;)


  10. We are lucky to have friends with meadows we can visit as well as some lovely public meadow gardens. But the dandelion photo is really wonderful. As much as I pull them out in the garden, I enjoy them en masse in a scene like the one you’ve posted. And the Henry Ward Beecher comment is perfect! (Though I’m surprised HWB was ignorant of the origin of the name).

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