The Calm, Mild Day


“And now, when comes the calm mild day, as still such days will come,

To call the squirrel and the bee from out their winter home;

When the sound of dropping nuts is heard, though all the trees are still,

And twinkle in the smoky light the waters of the rill,

The south wind searches for the flowers whose fragrance late he bore,

And sighs to find them in the wood and by the stream no more.”

– William Cullen Bryant


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

19 thoughts on “The Calm, Mild Day”

  1. I love those calm, mild days in the middle of winter. They keep me going! :-)

    They sure do — it’s mild, but cloudy here right now. Some rain on the way, I think — hopefully, it lowers the snow a bit!

  2. I love the poem. So appropriate for this time of the year. Winter is back at my house…yesterday was a nice treat for us….a reminder that things will change soon.

    Yes, things will soon change…and once they do, we’ll be hard-pressed to keep ahead of spring and her timetable. :)

  3. The sun just peaked over my shoulder as I was typing…what a nice gift. First your lovely photo and beautiful poem and a bit of sunshine~~gail

    Sun on your shoulders — what a nice image. :) You can’t ask for much more.

  4. That painting effect is pretty neat! It is anything but calm today here. High winds 40 MPH +!

    Hi Dave — just playing with PhotoShop and trying to mix it up a little until something GREEN comes along. :) Oh my, I don’t envy you those winds! Batten down, friend!

  5. Nancy, Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been looking for the color “sky-blue-pink.” A little friend of mine would call it out in a game of “run across the line” (I’ve forgotten the real name of the game). You have something there that nearly does it! :-)

    Shady, I remember sky-blue-pink from many years ago, too — I believe we used to say it more as a “none of your business” sort of thing when someone asked something, er, nosy. The late day skies are so beautiful this time of year — you can find just about every colour you can imagine…including sky-blue-pink!

  6. This is the kind of day we had. Now the rain is here, but it is not supposed to get below zero. Hope it takes away some of this snow.

    It is raining here as I write this (11am/Thurs), the thermometer hovering right on the freezing mark, making driving treacherous, closing schools, etc. However, perhaps it will lower the snow a few inches.

  7. Hi Nancy, ooh, I love that photo effect too. The linear quality fits the prose so well. After a tornado watch storm just passed through here, it is calm now, thank goodness.

    It seems so early for talk of tornadoes — I’m glad the storm passed and left you unscathed, Frances.

  8. We have had a beautiful and sunny day here today. But last night there were lots of storms in the area. We were lucky.

    Yes, Brenda — I watched coverage on the news of some of the areas hardest hit. I’m glad you avoided a bad storm.

  9. Ah, bliss. I love coming here. So Zen, so peaceful, so beautiful.

    And I love it when you do. :-) I hope all is well with you.

  10. I like that photo effect, Nancy, and the colours are lovely. Beautiful poem too. The warmer air felt so good yesterday, and I can see quite a lot of bare ground this morning after last night’s heavy rain. A little taste of spring for our warmth-starved bodies. A much appreciated break!

    Hi Kerri — yes, any sign of spring is most welcome. :) It is raining here in NS today, but very cold. I hope we get to see a little bare ground as well, when all is said and done.

  11. Very blustery here, Nancy, but almost all the snow has melted these past 2 days … love your poem and painting-like photo.

    It has been raining quite hard here this afternoon, Joey — I can actually see BARE GROUND around the bases of some trees! Whoo-hoo. :-)

  12. I love the effect you added to your photo! It makes it look like a painting. And the verse to go with it is perfect:) It would be nice if all our days were calm…but then again, we wouldn’t appreciate them if that were the case!

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