Light Over the Garden


Gail at Clay and Limestone asked her readers what they saw over their garden last night — was the moon visible?  It was, indeed, visible here, the night being mostly clear with only the occasional, fast moving cloud.  Because of the security lighting that surrounds my building, it is not an ideal place for moon and other night shots, especially those that show any of the landscape as well.   So, I only have this closeup shot to offer; I was intrigued by the clouds around the moon.  The slower shutter speed must have caught their movement — they look as though they were brushed on a dark canvas.

On a different slant, I spied this beautiful spectrum on the bedroom wall early this morning, as the sun passed through a tiny crystal drop that is suspended from a blind.  Isn’t it pretty?  There is light — and colour — everywhere.



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

18 thoughts on “Light Over the Garden”

  1. Great shot of the moon. I love full moon nights. It’s as though someone turned a light on outside. That color spectrum is extraordinary! That photo just might win you an award.

    I’m not sure about an award, but, I do like it, just for the colour. :) Full moon nights are especially bright here this time of year, as the snow reflects the light right back at the sky.

  2. The moon was gorgeous last night. I love the spectrum effect provided by hanging crystals or icicles.

    It has been wonderful — thanks for your visit and for taking the time to comment, Layanee.

  3. Life IS in the details, isn’t it.

    Could you imagine if you did not see that beautiful moon? We would never have gotten to share that photo with you.


    Yup, it’s all about the details…the moments.

  4. Love the photos Nancy. I’ve never figured out how to take moon shots. Maybe you could do a tutorial about it?? It was really lovely out last night. I was out around midnight with my dog and it was almost like daylight. I’ve always wanted to do some midnight gardening ~ a full moon would be required for that tho!!

    Hi Kathleen — that’s something I could put together over the next few days. It isn’t that difficult if you’re aware of a few little pointers. :) Midnight, moonlit gardening would be amazing!

  5. Hi Nancy, yes I saw the fullmoon last night too, It was really amazing. I slept well too and that is not customary with me.
    Stunning spectrum on your wall, that is a nice first picture in the morning.

    Take care/ Tyra

    Hi Tyra — perhaps the full moon lulled you into a deeper sleep. I believe it does have rather magical powers.

  6. nancy, You captured her so well…even if the spotlights were bright…nothing could dim her lights last night! I love the rainbow makers…that’s what my son called them when he was so much younger! A beautiful spectrum! Thank you for the love link! gail

    You’re welcome, Gail — thanks for your visit, as always. :)

  7. What an awesome photo Nancy. You have such a good eye for unexpected opportunities!

    Hi Shirley. :) Thanks so much for your visit!

  8. Something magical happens when we see a spectrum. And you don’t see many people post about them. Your moon looks howlingly wonderful. I picture a wolf under it with his head thrown back in agreement with the mood. I missed the whole event. I was looking at Valentine ideas.

    The moon is still pretty spectacular, when you can see it through the cloud cover. Yes, it is a sort of wolfish moon, isn’t it?

  9. Ahem. My one absurd weakness is for Swarovsky Christmas ornaments, the snowflake ones they release every autumn. I have twelve of them and hang them and other nice crystal prisms in various windows around the house, so I will have rainbows in every room. They make me instantly happy!
    The moon was fabulous last night, but I wasn’t feeling inspired enough to go outside in the cold. More cold, I do not need.

    Hey jodi — I used to have 4 of the Swarovski snowflakes that my (ex)SIL had brought from the factory in Austria, in descending size, but they got lost in the, er, ‘shuffle’ a few years ago. Hopefully, one of my girls has them somewhere. They really are beautiful and you’re right — the lights DO make you instantly happy. (Pollyanna?) The moon shot was taken right off the balcony — like you, I’m too cold-timid to venture too far. I used the railing to steady the camera and didn’t even have to use the tripod. Just a snapshot, really. :)

  10. The moon was so bright slipping through the cracks of the shutters around 4 a.m. on Monday night that I thought my husband had left the backyard landscape lights on. When I got up to flip the shutter’s direction, I just stood there and admired it for a while.

    Nancy, I didn’t leave a comment on any of the posts, but a belated compliment on your lovely what color is winter posts. A great pleasure to read.

  11. Exquisite pictures. Just exquisite. There are moments when I realize that I will only see THOSE birds in a place called Nova Scotia on here. Thank God there are people like you that share their lives. I enjoyed my visit so much.

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