What Colour Is Winter? 3


“A house with daffodils in it is a house lit up, whether or no the sun be shining outside.”A.A. Milne

Charlie and I spent the afternoon with my parents, tomorrow being my Mom’s 77th birthday.  We had a very nice visit and I used the hour-long drive to try to gather some photos for today’s What Colour Is Winter? post.  I thought it would be very difficult to find Nature’s YELLOW this time of year, but was pleasantly surprised at how much of the sunny hue I found.

Now, one has to use a little leniency with yellow.  Obviously, there is very little “daffodil yellow” in Nature this time of year, so I’ve included some creams, ochres, and orangey-yellows as well.  All photos may be clicked to enlarge.

3xliatrisThese tiny bits of fluff from a Liatris head have a distinct creamy yellow tone…

3xoakleaf1This snow-dusted oak leaf and the grass that surrounds hold a hint of yellowy gold…

3xtreelichenThe lichen on this tree almost glowed this mustard yellow…

3xyellowbarnFrom a distance, these willow trees definitely held a yellow hue against a flawless, blue sky…

3xlogsAs did the ends of these beautiful logs…

3xdaffbudOf course, there’s no mistaking the lemon yellow of the (potted) daffodil, in any stage…

3xgoldfinchOr the brilliant yellow plummage of our friendly goldfinches in the weeks to come.

3xsunsetyellowAnd perhaps the most beautiful of all Nature’s yellows came at sunset, as we started the drive back home.

Yellow may not be the most obvious of Nature’s hues to find mid-winter, but they are certainly among the most beautiful.  Yellow, too, abounds — if we only look for it.

Tomorrow’s colour:  BLUE


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “What Colour Is Winter? 3”

  1. Nancy, these are wonderful. I love the winter landscape because it’s so subtle, but you’re finding some not-so-subtle, too! Beautiful. Thanks!

  2. I like this colour the best so far, just because yellow is soooo cheery and I’m craving daffodils in the worst way. All our friends in warmer areas are having big daff-fests starting and here we are, buried in snow. Sniff.

  3. Hi Nancy – daffodils are my indulgence at this time of year. I need them to chase the winter blues away! It’s amazing just how much colour there is to winter if only one takes time to really look.

    I hope you had a fantastic time celebrating your mom’s birthday.

    I saw your comment over at Joey’s – there’s no problem in having a late dinner party if you’d like to join in the meme sometime – quite a few are already :)

  4. You continue to surprise me with what you’re finding in nature Nancy. I can see I just need to look a little harder. Love the yellow post too. Wasn’t sure you could pull that one off but you did it admirably. I am so eager to see some daffodils ~ thanks for sharing those photos in particular.

  5. I like the photograph of the lichen on the tree – it amazes me how bright the colours of some lichen are.
    You have found more yellow than I suspected was around at this time of year.

  6. Although yellow doesn’t appear that often in my garden, you are definitely making it more enticing…. of course I am twitching with excitement over tomorrow’s colour…… not to add any undue pressure or anything!
    Stay warm and safe

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