What Colour Is Winter? 2


“On the motionless branches of some trees, autumn berries hung like clusters of coral beads, as in those fabled orchards where the fruits were jewels . . .” – Charles Dickens

Continuing with What Colour Is Winter?, today I’m on the hunt for RED — such as that found in the Viburnum berries above.  Usually picked clean by the birds by now, there are several little clusters of “jewels” still clinging to the branches — perhaps the close proximity of a well-stocked feeder makes Nature’s offerings a bit less palatable.

Red is a colour we more often associate with Christmas or Valentines, but there’s red to be found, in various shades, throughout the winter.

red_panorama1We can catch a fleeting glimpse of red in the splendor of a winter sunrise…

winterhipsIn fat rose hips…

redpollIn the red cap and vest of a well-dressed redpoll.

Inside, I find red in a potted miniature rose that Charlie brought home last night.



Those are my winter reds, but if you take the time to really see, you’ll find there’s a lot of red in the winter landscape:  a red barn in a snowy field; red hats and mittens on children at play;  red sleds, red toboggans;  forgotten red apples, still clinging to the branch.  It’s all there — if we only look.

Tomorrow — winter yellow!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “What Colour Is Winter? 2”

  1. That was really sweet of Charlie! I know what you mean about being on the hunt for winter colour; I’m wearing a red sweater today does that count? (and eating a piece of dark chocolate with cherry/hot pepper filling. How much redder can we get than that?)

  2. I’m so enjoying your colorful winter mini-series, Nancy. Your photos and script, delightful. Red is one of my favorite colors to wear, making me happy, so I’m starting the day feeling wonderful!

  3. Beautiful photos Nancy! The sunrise shot is especially lovely. Red is definitely one of my favorite colors in the garden, and especially welcome and beautiful this cold, snowy winter.

  4. Nancy,
    Nice post on winter reds…I guess the hot color of red takes out some of the bite of cold white snow mentally…and it certainly makes for a sharp and beautiful contrast in colors visually. I particularly liked the shot of the viburnum berries. If they could be captured and made into jewels wouldn’t that make a dazzling pendant for a necklace?

    Think spring!

    Jon at Mississippi Garden

  5. Red comes behind pink in my list of favorite colors Nancy so I love this post. You came up with more red than I would have thought off the top of my head! Good job and enjoy that beautiful miniature rose. How sweet was that?

  6. For red right now we have nandina berries! That’s really about all though. I’m not sure if there is anything yellow for tomorrow, maybe just the sun that will be beaming 65 degree temps upon us!

  7. Red… I’ll need to look around. Believe it or not, my Christmas cactus is red-dy to bloom (the red one) for the third time this Winter! ;-) I’d say you’ve just provided us with a Red-Letter Day! As did Charlie with his rose for you! Have a great day and if I were you, I’d be stopping by that rose quite often, just to give it a little “sniff.” :-)

  8. Nancy, I see you’ve been searching for winter color just as I have. Yes, it’s there to be found if we just look. Your reds are beautiful, and how sweet of Charlie to bring home the lovely little rose. He’s very thoughtful, isn’t he?

  9. Nancy, Two great posts on the color of winter! Great photos! I also love your bird pics from a past post. Truly enjoyed my visit today! Thanks! Jean

  10. Hi Nancy, We have a few berries on the aronia…Birds will not eat them unless they are really hungry! I have a few heuchera that are looking very reddish right now! gail

  11. I love these color posts, Nancy, it’s such a good way for you to share your eyes with us – and your eyes take in a lot. I’d been put off by red until the last few years, when I’ve come to appreciate it, especially in winter. I’m more inclined to view sunsets than sunrises, but now I have even more places to look for color.

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