Any Way You Look At It

c-cactus“Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain.” – Henry David Thoreau


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Any Way You Look At It”

  1. Nancy, Ever try lying down and looking up in a prairie? Our local park naturalist encourages the youngsters to do just that… and the teachers can do it, too! ;-) It’s a wonderful experience.

  2. Is that a Christmas cactus leaf? I don’t have one…but I’m guessing (and hope) I’m right. We do often forget to look closely and sometimes judge people on face value or ‘a book by its cover’. Nice sentiment and verse by Thoreau, one of my old favorites.

  3. Hi Nancy, I love lying on the ground and looking at the sky through the trees. But to really see a flower you have to look into its eyes..gail

  4. That’s a great picture, Nancy. It sort of goes along nicely with Joey’s post today, also seeing beauty in nature–outdoors in January!

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