Enormous Eyes…Small Garden

You’ve all heard the old adage, “His/her eyes were bigger than her stomach!” used when someone isn’t as hungry as they thought they were.  Well, in my case, my eyes are bigger than my garden.

I spent some time on Veseys (Canada) site this morning, wishing I’d win the lottery.  There are so many spectacular new varieties of flowering plants, shrubs, veggies, etc. every year — I want that…and that…oh, and THAT! I did make a short Wish List — obviously, when you garden on a balcony, your list CAN only be short — and it included the following.  (All photos from Vesey’s site…click on each photo to take you to Vesey’s descriptions, etc.)

I would like to have 3 or 4 of these hanging tomato planters — they could hang in full or partial sun from the floor of the balcony above and be a practical use of vertical space.  If you can’t go outward, go up, right?


I also liked the idea of Vesey’s “windowbox tomatos” — they’d take up no more space than a large pot of flowers.


Loving color in the garden, as I do, I was quite taken with these Haws 1 litre heritage watering cans — they’re a good size for getting into planted pots or hanging baskets.  I didn’t include them here, but Veseys also sell 50′ hoses in the same colors.  Fine for a larger garden.


Of all the many, many flowers I’d love to have in a garden, particularly some of the new varieties, this new Lantana ‘Pink Caprice’ (below) really caught my eye.  I think it would be glorious combined with Lantana ‘Citrus Blend’ … and something blue.

veseys_lantana1(Lantana ‘Pink Caprice’)

Now, if funds and space were no object, I saw a few other plants I’d absolutely put on my Must Have list:

veseys_ageranthemum2A new Ageranthemum ‘Spring Bouquet’, perfect for containers…

veseys_geranium3A new lavender-blue geranium, because they love my balcony…

veseys_raspberrysundae1This spectacular ‘Raspberry Sundae’ Peony…

veseys_heuchera1And I think I would plant this new Heuchera ‘Miracle’ everywhere!  What color!

How about you?  Is there a plant that’s an absolute Must Have for this year’s garden?


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

19 thoughts on “Enormous Eyes…Small Garden”

  1. I hear you, there is only so much room available. Kind of a good thing that some plants did not make it through the winter. Now I can get some more “special” plants.


  2. I will keep my eye out for one of these miracles. I don’t have a particular plant in mind right now. I am still shocked by being snowed in with 10 inches of snow. Ha.. I know to you that doesn’t sound like much to you but around here its an “event”.

  3. I so there with you on the Miracle (and aren’t those Haws watering cans pretty!) – also going to get new Rudbeckia Tiger Eye – looked very pretty in trial gardens & R. Cherry Brandy from McFayden. Also like the look of a new Celosia Chinatown Red from Veseys. Have a whack of seeds from last year that I didn’t get in, so will really have to rein myself in!

  4. Hi Nancy, how fun to dream about plants, some you can have, like the tomatoes, too cool, and some to just wish for. I have that heuchera, son brokenbeat bought us each one last year at a good nursery in Asheville, North Carolina. It so far has not had tha coloring, but maybe in spring with new growth. He got it half price because it was nearly winter. The plants looked awful but had that tag and he had seen it in another catalog. I will post if it turns out to be anything like that photo! I love the blue geraniums too. :-)

  5. Nancy the colors are awesome. I wish you could get them all too. It doesn’t seem like too much. The lantana you show is my favorite and it would look very good with those watering cans. I’m nuts about them. I haven’t ordered mine yet. I need to order one for me and one for that lady I’m doing pots for.

  6. You should definitely plant up Nancy. Vertical space would be critical on a balcony ~ I remember from those days living in an apartment myself. Great choices of plants too. Those spring bouquet ageranthemums are SO pretty. I never knew there were lavender geraniums??? Even with a garden, it’s easy to have that “eye’s bigger than your garden” syndrome. I do it with seeds, plants everything. I think it’s why I started container gardening ~ it was another way to have more plants. I hope to have gloriosa lilies for the first time this year. Good luck whittling your list down!

  7. I saw that hanging container for tomatoes in my Gardening Supply mail order catalog. Very cool! You have some wonderful plants on your dreamlist. I love the Heucera ‘Miracle’ too.

  8. You asked if there was a must have plant on my list~~~Ten minutes ago I knew the answer! But now I am waffling around trying to decide on one plant…on top of that you’ve shown some beauties that are burning my retinas with their shiny new thing attractiveness! Maybe Little Honey Hydrangea!


  9. oh oh oh – I love those watering cans. That Raspberry Sundae’ Peony is lovely, in fact I have had a similar one on my “must have” list for some time now.

    This year – on my must have wish list – is …… Oh I don’t know there are so many things I would like
    (Definitely a case of eyes bigger than wallet)

  10. Love that unusual Heuchera. Sometimes (though I know it sounds odd and ungrateful) I wish I only had a balcony. I wouldn’t confuse myself as to where I’d planted what. And sometimes small gardens are the most beautiful of all. I’ve a friend http://romantichome.blogspot.com who gardens from her apartment. And it’s stunning.

  11. Keep dreaming Nancy, as I’m sending today’s snowstorm your way tomorrow.
    You can make your own upside down tomato containers. I did it a few years ago and it worked great … and saved me lots of money on fancy containers.

  12. Eww, how pretty is that Ageranthemum ‘Spring Bouquet’, and the lavender geranium. Also as they say “Where there is a will there’s a way” :)

  13. That would be one colorful balcony. I can see you reclining in your chaise longue, a watering can on each side of you, ready to sprinkle those beautiful plants. That geranium knocks my socks off. What an unusual color!

  14. This is certainly a way to beat the winter doldrums, Nancy! I love all the bright colors, including the watering cans. I’m not a fan of growing peonies, but that Raspberry Sundae might change my mind!

    I’ve been compiling a plant “wish list” since last summer, but I don’t know if I could pick out just one plant I must have. I do have lots of space to put more plants, but my garden is limited by the checkbook and how much physical energy I have to dig up even more gardening space:)

  15. ‘Raspberry Sundae’ Peony
    I love it!!
    just bought ” Bowl of Beauty” have you ever tried this one?
    I would sure appreciate any tips on growing peonies, I only have one that I planted about 19 years ago. I divided it last year and I hope that wasn’t a mistake.

  16. Hi Nancy, I ordered my “must haves” already… hope they get here without a hitch. This would be “Raspberry Splash” pulmonaria, “Goldheart Spectabilis Dicentra – bleeding heart, and ‘Tojen’ tricyrtis. :-) Looking forward to Spring, but not counting the days… sg

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