St. Vincents Day Lore


January 22 – St. Vincent’s Day

Remember on St. Vincent’s Day,
If that the Sun his beams display,
Be sure to mark the transient beam—
Which through the casement sheds a gleam;
For ’tis a token bright and clear
Of prosperous weather all the year.

According to The Farmer’s Almanac, St. Vincent’s Day is heralded for its weather lore.  A sunny day on this date signifies “more wine than water” and means that the sap might begin to rise.  Frost on this date presages a delayed crop.

Despite periods of light snow through the night and early morning (above), the dawn showed promise with a hint of buttery color on the eastern horizon.  However, the forecast for the day gives us more flurries and wind this afternoon.

May St. Vincent’s Day bring sunbeams bright and clear where you are today —  if the prosperity only follows!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

7 thoughts on “St. Vincents Day Lore”

  1. It’s freezing here, oh right, that is inside of my condo. LOL.

    Last night driving home from work, the fog was freezing on the windshield. I know that we are still going to have a foggy day today, so delayed spring again most likely for us again….


    That freezing fog or drizzle makes for dangerous driving; I’d truly rather have snow. I hope spring isn’t too delayed. :) It’s a real mix here today — lots of big snow flurries, but with the sun peeking through occasionally.

  2. Oh I hope there’s truth to this Nancy as we are have a gorgeous sunny day here. We need some more moisture too but I’m not opposed to it being in the form of rain versus snow! ;-)

  3. I like to stop by and see all your winter photos from my warm house. It’s warm outside too! The photos are wonderful, as is the verses you add.

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