Fickle January


What a difference a day makes!  After the bone-numbingly cold temperatures we had all last week, what began as snow last night changed over to rain and hours of freezing rain.  You can see from this shot the condition of most roads this morning.  Even Charlie stayed home from work — everything was a glare.  Right now, it is 8°C (46°F) — quite a departure from the sub-zero weather we’d had.  That’s fickle January for you!  I wrote this little poem about just that thing — I’ve posted it before, but it may be new to some of you. :)

Fickle January

Cold…warm, fickle January,
Ne’er a month was so contrary!
One day snow, the next day rain,
And then it’s back to sun again.
This year, nights have been so frosty,
Making heating bills more costly.
And so I guess we won’t complain
To see less snow, and get more rain.
But I’ll be glad when April comes,
Bringing days of much missed sun,
Winds of March, by then all gone,
And hopefully, it won’t be long
Til springtime comes, with green-leafed trees–
Nature’s big apology
For all that January brings:
Cold, warm, frosty, fickle things.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Fickle January”

  1. Nice to know that someone is getting the warm temps. Good for you guys. We have had that wonderful fog, and while it went away in WR, it is bone chillingly cold, [ for us, LOL ].

    Actually there is a huge fog chill factor, I worked outside on Thursday, and had 6 layers on, could not keep warm, it was so damp.


  2. Isn’t it amazing? I woke up this morning, heard the rain, snapped on the radio, rolled my eyes at the lamentations coming out of InfoMorning, and rolled over and back to sleep. It seemed the best thing to do under the circumstances….

  3. A wonderful poem for January, fickle and contrary as ever. Its been a roller coaster ride for many this month but our ‘warming up’ here in Ontario came with another 10-15cms of snow….. guess its just an added blanket for the plants, and I can use the exercise that shovelling brings. Stay warm…. and I guess I had better add ‘dry.’


  4. Yes, when all that snow up north starts melting it will make our river overflow. It should be high this spring or whenever the snow melts probably before spring.

  5. It’s warmer where you are then here in zone 7! I don’t know that I would call you guys lucky…that melted snow will be frozen and ice tonight and tomorrow! Brr. Keep warm. gail

  6. Hi Nancy, I seem to remember this poem, and still love it, we must have humor to get us through these cold and weird times. Although I have to say that 8 degrees is NOT a warming trend to us. We are not to get above freezing here today, with a steady 15 mph wind. No outside gardening today, but maybe a walk about with camera for the rare snowfall that is on the ground. Let us dream of the future, in politics and in the garden. :-)

  7. What a clever poem, Nancy–it describes January perfectly! I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have rain in April…when it doesn’t freeze:)

  8. Thanks, as always, for all your lovely comments. :) I’m glad you enjoyed the little poem. I’m still working on a separate WP page on Soliloquy for my poetry and hope to have it ready to read very soon.

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