Moonlight Magic


The trees near Underwood last night
Were soft with snow and frail moonlight.
No icy wind made branches shake,
They groaned with snow until daybreak.
‘Til birds upon each branch alit
And snow rained down, then bit by bit
The magic of the moonlit night
All slid to ground and melded white.
– 2009 Nancy J. Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Moonlight Magic”

  1. So true. We woke up to a fresh snow covering too but unlike your poem there was wind to make the branches shake!

    We got about 8″ of new snow yesterday, and it was thee most beautiful night. :)

  2. The photo goes so well with your poem. Which came first, the poem or the photo? I have been moved to poetry by certain sights. This poem is great.

    Thanks so much, Lisa — the poem came first, spurred by the beautiful night last night once the snow stopped and the sky cleared. It really looked like something from a Dicken’s poem. :) The photo I snapped from my balcony this morning after watching the birds skittering for breakfast.

  3. Are those evergreens/pines back there? Beautiful photo of a dense forest. :-) The poem is perfect, also. (Do you ever compose poetry of your own? I would guess that you might.)

    Hi Shady — this is one of my poems, written this morning when I posted the photo. :) And yes, this is a lovely little stand of pine trees and hardwoods that runs the length of my street — it’s only about 50′ deep, but it nicely separates this residential area from the high school, just beyond.

  4. I was only in snow country three years, and I loved every winter moment. Your words brought back a particular day when I watched so much snow raining from tall trees as the morning warmed – I thought it was snowing again.

    I loved this image, Nancy:

    The magic of the moonlit night/All slid to ground and melded white.

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