Reservations Required

reservations_talkintome(You talkin’ to me?)

Activity at the bird feeder this morning was harried and noisy as our wee feathered friends competed for a good table. :)  We’re expecting another snow storm tomorrow — I’m sure they know it long before we do and spend the day stocking up.



Below, a large group of starlings waited to be seated.


The chickadees always settle for overflow. :-)



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “Reservations Required”

  1. Is that first bird a vireo of some sort, Nancy? It’s beautiful. Maybe a yellow throated vireo?

    Hi Joyce — no, I believe he’s just another goldfinch, perhaps a female, not as brightly plumed as the others. :)

  2. Nancy .. wow ! You have quite a few customers girl : )
    I’m surprised to see the female Goldfinch ! .. I thought they flew south in the winter .. now that is a treat !
    Ah yes ………………….. more winter storms to come .. sigh !

  3. I must lament, why does everyone have beautifully colored birds except for us? Some bloggers have Cardinals, all cheery red, you have beautiful gold finch, others have stunning blue birds. Ah for some flash of color……..LOL


  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a goldfinch look like a wiseguy. That is brilliant! Those starlings are darlings (hehe). Really beautiful.

  5. They sound like the folks around here. Snow comes into the forecast and the all run to the stores to get bread, milk, and eggs. Snow comes and it totals one inch and melts in the afternoon. At least they’ve been to the grocery store! Great photos of the birds!

  6. We’re lucky here, Nancy; we don’t get very many starlings at all. Maybe our few crows, bluejays and our two pheasants keep them at bay. Usually there’s pretty good peaceful coexistence going on at the feeders here, maybe because we have several with different food options, so everyone (hopefully) gets what they want. Haven’t seen the snow buntings yet, but I figure any day now. Have you seen any out and around?

  7. Beautiful photos Nancy. It’s so fun to watch the birds in the winter. They kind of replace our flowers, don’t they? I just took my feeders down because a kestrel was hunting very successfully (almost every day) so I’m trying to make him move on….. We’ll see if it works. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy your feeder activity.

  8. They’re queing up here too Nancy, but I haven’t got a good enough camera to get decent enough shots like the great ones you’ve posted.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  9. Great photos, Nancy. Like VP, I don’t have a good enough camera to get close-ups, but I have noticed quite a bit of bird activity lately here, too. The birds seem to be much more in tune to the weather than us–maybe the meteorologists should pay more attention to them!

  10. Oh, Nancy, what adorable creatures show up to keep you company in the cold of winter! Are those starlings?? I always think our starlings are simple black creatures. I would have guessed thrushes with those stripes. I better get out my books! I’m astray! Thanks for documenting them for us.

  11. OK, looked up starlings. I had no idea they looked like that up close. We usually see them in huge grps. from afar. I found this!

    All the European Starlings in North America descended from 100 birds released in New York’s Central Park in the early 1890s. A group dedicated to introducing America to all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare’s works set the birds free.

  12. Nancy, I can see you are putting your new birdfeeder to good use:) Your photos turned out so clear, just beautifully done! Those little goldfinches travel all the way up to Nova Scotia…or, maybe they just live there all year long, as they do here in VA. The starlings, when puffed up, and few, look kind of cute sitting there with their shiny striped coats. I love chickadees and of course, get all of those cuties at my feeders, too. Unfortunately, my feeders are further back in my yard, so I can’t get such nice close-ups as you. (Except for one: it has safflower seeds in it, and the squirrels don’t like it, so I have it near my window. The kitchen window is right next to our screened-in porch, and if I put any other food in that feeder, the squirrels will climb all over the screens to get the food at the window. One even bit a hole through the screen and went into the porch. I had to chase him out with a broom! Then I had to try to repair the hole in the screen).

    Have a great day!

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