Nature’s Busy Pencil


“These Winter nights against my window-pane

Nature with busy pencil draws designs

Of ferns and blossoms and fine spray of pines,

Oak-leaf and acorn and fantastic vines,

Which she will make when summer comes again–

Quaint arabesques in argent, flat and cold,

Like curious Chinese etchings.”

– Thomas Bailey Aldrich


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “Nature’s Busy Pencil”

  1. Oh, how lovely, when we had that bitter cold, -15 LOL, we only had icy blobs on the windows.

    But this would make it much more worth while to freeze off your toes.


  2. I still find these bits of frost magical. I remember being very young and how enchanting it was to lift the blinds first thing in the morning to find the sun glowing through the silver window pictures. Lovely Nancy.

  3. Oh My Goodness Nancy. It must be cold there to make these beautiful designs. I hope you are well and warm. The poem perfectly describes the moment you captured with your photo.

  4. I always wonder if kids anymore understand the whole Jack Frost thing. When I was a kid we slept on an unheated sun porch, where water would freeze in a glass on cold nights; awesome designs like your picture in the morning on the windows… I still remember melting little holes in the frost with my finger.

  5. I love how you put photos and poems together, Nancy; I always come to your blog when I need refreshment. And I haven’t seen frost patterns like that for ages, so it was a journey to my past.

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