Handprints on Our Hearts

handprints“You’ll be with me, like a handprint on my heart.”

Two sweet little handprints and a smiling face — what a lovely visit we had with both my daughters, son-in-law2B, and grandson, Nolan.  :-)  The bits of Christmas spirit that seemed to be missing came through the door when they did, and it was the nicest of ways to bring this holiday season to a close.

They are now on their way back home to New Brunswick after a couple of visits along the way and we’ve been blessed with great weather for travel after the blizzard at week’s end.  Soon comes the dreaded chore of “dismantling Christmas” and packing it away for another year, but for now, I intend to savor the light a little bit longer.



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “Handprints on Our Hearts”

  1. He’s adorable…has a little more hair than his picture on your sidebar:) How old is he again? A little sweetie, for sure. He left you a wonderful reminder to keep close to your heart until your next visit:) Glad the weather turned nicer.
    I, too, dread taking everything down! I’m still savoring it and sitting in front of the Christmas tree with the fireplace going right now! It isn’t even that cold out today–49 degrees! I am planning to go out and do something in the garden in a minute…

    Happy New Year Nancy! Jan

  2. Oh Nancy, this post really touched my heart. When our children were small, we would go visit my mother and leave endless messes behind for her to clean up. She commented that she would leave their little fingerprints behind for a few days, just to remind her of the joy that they brought with them. They are all adults and teens now!

  3. So glad to hear that you had a good visit. I used to not clean my windows and sometimes walls for some time after my Grands departed. They live so far away. I miss them.

  4. I don’t even pick up the toys after they leave (at least, not for awhile!) ;-) Your post excudes the love and joy that was shared. He’s a handslome little fellow and I hope he’s doing well.

  5. Dear Nancy,

    I am so glad your sweet grandbaby and his mom and aunt were able to make it home! What a joy it must be to hold him and at the same time remember how your own babies felt in your arms! gail

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