Strictly For The Birds!

blizzard_heraldphoto(Photo Credit)

There are a few things this January 1 that are strictly for the birds as far as I’m concerned, not the least of which is the blizzard that has been barrelling down on Nova Scotia for almost 24 hours now, causing whiteouts and drifting snow.  Some areas have received up to two feet of snow, while here in the Annapolis Valley, we got close to a foot.  The blizzard warnings are in effect for the overnight hours and will hopefully settle to a dull roar tomorrow — my daughter and family are supposed to come from New Brunswick tomorrow and we’ve so looked forward to their visit, I’d hate to see it postponed for bad weather.

Also for the birds is the wretched cold I’ve had for most of the holiday week.  It has progressed to the stage where one is left with a dry, hacking cough and I’ve coughed so much, I have a permanent headache. :-p  I hate colds!

On a much brighter note, however, is the lovely little birdfeeder that Charlie gave me for Christmas.  It’s made of  hammered copper with glass inserts,  and it wasn’t more than a couple of hours before our feathered friends discovered it.

feederBelow are some of our regular visitors.





Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Strictly For The Birds!”

  1. Wow, all that snow is certainly for the birds. I hope you are able to get that visit in with your daughter. We’ve been so lucky this winter, with cold temps, but barely any snow. Don’t tell anyone, but I have to admit the snow would be a bit prettier than this endlessly gray winter! Can’t believe I said that!

  2. Goodness, that is a lot of snow! Hope you stay safe and warm (and feel better soon), and that your family is able to arrive for their visit.

    Love the photos of the chickadees and sparrows!

  3. I’ve been seeing some little chickadees at my feeder too the last few days. They’re finally “trusting” the feeders. You know how once you put them up, they give you the eye for a few days before they come feed. I don’t know how you handle the blizzard of snow! You all must be a hearty bunch!

  4. I am sharing your nasty hacking coughy cold Nancy. Stay inside and try to keep warm. That blizzard picture really sets a spell.

  5. Birdfeeders make for wonderful presents, and that one is a beauty! Lovely birds as well. I hope the family makes it, Nancy. Feel better soon!

  6. I hate blizzards, too, Nancy! Fortunately, we have had rather clear weather this past week–I’m hoping January will be a better month than December was.
    I love your new bird feeder; what a thoughtful gift! I hope you will be feeling better soon, Nancy.

  7. What a lovely birdfeeder, and such adorable visitors!

    I do hope the weather cooperates, so that you may enjoy your daughter and grandson’s visit.

    Happy New Year to you!

    p.s. – Get Well Soon!

  8. You guys are certainly having to weather ‘the weather’ this year! I really hope it cooperates for your daughters arrival, and grandson, of course!
    I love your new bird feeder. Part of the reason I love it is that my husband & son gave me one last Christmas that looks very much like it:) It is green, though…but the entire body, shape, inserts and hanger look the same. How neat:) The birds love the feeder…just about any bird–including woodpeckers and crows try to sit on it, but end up hanging from it, instead. The cardinals, finches and other smaller birds sit comfortable on it. I will post a photo soon of mine:)
    Enjoy your weekend, Nancy!

  9. Hey Nancy,

    That is one terrible snow storm! Hopefully the roads and airports will be cleared in time for your visitors! The feeder is delightful! Don’t the birds just make you smile…they pose prettily for photos, too. Take care and keep warm. Gail

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