The Inner Dome of Heaven

sunice“…Often you must have seen them
Loaded with ice a sunny winter morning
After a rain. They click upon themselves
As the breeze rises, and turn many-coloured
As the stir cracks and crazes their enamel.
Soon the sun’s warmth makes them shed crystal shells
Shattering and avalanching on the snow-crust
Such heaps of broken glass to sweep away
You’d think the inner dome of heaven had fallen.

– Robert Frost

A heavier than expected snowfall fell overnight, leaving several inches of snow and a lot of ice where heavier, wetter snow had deposited itself earlier in the day and had frozen to trees, cars, and walks.  But what a beautiful sight this morning.  The frail, predawn light reminded me of Robert Frost’s poem, The Birches.  The wind is very strong causing blowing snow and poor visibility, but it does, indeed, look like “the inner dome of heaven” has fallen where shards have broken free from the trees.


Meanwhile, a Christmas bulb waits for the heat of another night to shed its snowy cover…


and the watering can (which should have been put away before this) waits patiently for spring.


If you’ve made it this far, Charlie’s Dad is scheduled for bypass surgery tomorrow morning at 6:30.  He’s been bumped several times already for emergencies, but it would certainly be nice to have it over and done and see him well on the road to recovery.  All good thoughts appreciated.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

16 thoughts on “The Inner Dome of Heaven”

  1. I hope everything goes well. They are so good at these heart surgeries and it certainly improves the life of the person who needs one.

    Your snow pics are cold! Brrrrr…I sure wish I could report to you that we have some but not yet. If we do, it will be magical and I’ll be going nuts.

  2. Thank you for the photos…I’ve been stuck in the house, nursing a cold, and wishing I felt good enough to go outside and enjoy the day. This was the next best thing (between sneezes).

    And please add my thoughts and prayers from N.B.

  3. You must have a poem for every occasion Nancy! I love it when the snow clings to every little branch and twig.

    Wishing Charlie’s father all the best…

  4. Few things are as lovely as sun shining through ice-covered branches, but the only ice I’ve had to deal with here was all over the kitchen floor, no thanks to clueless cat Linus’s knocking over the thawing bowl of ice formerly known as the outdoor cats’ water dish after I’d exchanged it for a fresh bowl of warm water. It’s a good thing I love Linus so much! I already couldn’t feel my fingers after being outside filling birdfeeders, getting mail, etc., and now I had to clean up shards of ice and a huge lake of icy water. Far from the dome of heaven, Linus was lucky he didn’t feel the flames of hell! Pets. It’s amazing what those we love can get away with, isn’t it? And of course, our thoughts and prayers will be with you all and with Charlie’s Dad through the night and the surgery tomorrow. God bless you, every one!

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments and good thoughts for Charlie’s Dad — a bit of a setback today. He had a routine CT of his chest and they found “a spot” on one of his lungs that they need to identify before they can go any further. His Dad has just recently recovered from a bout of pneumonia, so hopefully, it’s just a bit of infection or scar tissue and nothing more serious. Keeping fingers crossed. His surgery has been postponed until they address this new problem. I’ll keep you posted, and thanks so much again for your unwavering support.

  6. I’d like to Anna, these surgeries have been nothing less than miracles for so many people. They feel so much better afterward. I’ll keep him and your family in my thoughts today.

    The Frost poem was absolutely lovely, as were the photos. :-)

  7. Your photos are lovely and I love the name of your blog! If we get a snow this year in Texas I’m going to participate in your snow project! Best of luck with the surgery tomorrow, I hope it goes through.

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