Yule Love It!

xlogThe burning yule log is symbolic of the light that will return after the dark days of early winter and gives us an excuse to gather with family and friends before a roaring fire.

The tradition is an old one, going back to the Druid custom of choosing a large log from an apple or oak tree, lighting it afire, and praying that it would burn forever.

In England, the log was selected months before Christmas. Because it was believed that all who brought it in from the woods would be protected against harm for the ensuing year, everyone lent a hand, making the event itself a festive time.

Custom also decreed that a piece from the previous year’s log be saved to light the new log. As the yule log burned, everyone danced and frolicked in its heat and warmth, safe in the knowledge that the evil spirits would stay away for another year.



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Yule Love It!”

  1. I don’t know what is so fascinating about a fire but I love to burn candles when it is cold. It makes every thing cozy. Anything to make it cheerful is what I like. Fireplace going (have to pretend those gas logs are a yule log), all the lights on, something baking in the oven, bright decorations twinkling and there is only peace.

    …phones turned off, crackle of fire, carols softly playing. More things that make me go “Mmm…”. :)

  2. Fire is elemental! I do love the fire burning on a cold night…cozy, warm and safe indoors! But the outdoor firepits have their own attractions, too. Keep warm and have a lovely weekend~~Gail

    You as well, Gail. :)

  3. There is something so comforting and entrancing about a fire, isn’t there? I suppose it goes back to primal instincts and a need for warmth to survive. Thanks for the interesting background on the Yule log, Nancy; I never really knew where this symbol came from.

    I liked your explanation of Parson Brown yesterday as well. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs–perhaps it’s because it’s the only one I can still play (reasonably well) on the piano:)

  4. Your posts are always interesting– the yule log tradition is one I didn’t know too much about. I definitely need to get a fire going here this winter season!

  5. What a lovely, warm, cozy post! Who doesn’t enjoy a crackling fire, woolen blankets, hot chocolate and egg nog on a cold, wintry night? Ah…perfection! A Yule Log is one of my favorite traditions.

  6. Thanks for the history on this wonderful old tradition. There is nothing like a fire, hot chocolate & a good book on a cold winter’s day.

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