Winter Lore, Winter Stores



Though acorns are plentiful this year — boding a long, cold winter, according to this weather lore — this little fellow doesn’t seem worried.  Not as long as he can stuff his cheeks with a steady and easy supply of sunflower seeds!



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Winter Lore, Winter Stores”

  1. Congratulations — according to your Blog Stats in the sidebar, this blog has had 9,999 visitors since 9/8/08. (I was number 9,998: just a few minutes early.)

    Thanks for pointing this out — if I’d been paying closer attention, I might have done something special for that 10,000th visitor this fall. :) Sheesh…all those 9’s and 8’s!

  2. Do you ever wonder where they hide all those seeds later on? We have many squirrels in the neighborhood but I’ve never, ever found a nest!

    Where DO they hide all that seed? Or all those acorns for that matter? I honestly don’t know, but I’m assuming they squirrel them away somewhere. :)

  3. I can sure say we’ve had a good amount of acorns and our squirrels are going to put out the babies this spring in celebration.

    I’ll count on it. :)

  4. Great shots of the little brats. They are cute, but soooo cheeky.


    They’re cheeky, and downright destructive. I took this photo on one of my Dad’s feeders. He’s an avid birdwatcher and they are the bane of his existence. :) He’s tried every live trap known to man, and carried dozens of them many miles from the house and let them go in wooded areas. He always said that for every one he let go, two more crawled into the car wheel wells and came home with him. :-)

  5. A few weeks ago, I laughed to see a tree along my path decorated with 5 or 6 apples carefully positioned like Christmas balls. A few days later, the apples were all half-eaten, as if the squirrel could not make up his mind which was best; then yesterday, they were gone. Not even the cores remained.

    I guess they were all pretty yummy.

    That’s so cute! I like his way of thinking — when in doubt, eat them all! Hee.

  6. I am reading this on black friday. I was wondering what kind of stores winter stores were. Ha…

    Oh, you know – hats, scarves, mitts. Shovels. ;-)

  7. We have lots of acorns, too. But I heard a piece on NPR today about how there weren’t acorns in the Mid-Atlantic States. Curious. But troubling, too.

    Your photos are great, as usual — of course, he appreciates a steady diet of sunflower seeds….

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