For The Birds!


“The north wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will the robin do then,
Poor thing?”


Mother Goose was obviously more worried about their winter survival than these fellows were today.  We always have the odd robin that stays the winter, but there were an entire flock of them flitting about with the starlings today.  What do they eat in the winter, when they’re used to a diet of flies, bugs, worms and such in the summer?  They certainly look well fed, their breasts bright red and plump.  I hope they winter well!


Toby and my daughter’s cat, Manchester (who is staying with us while she’s in CA), spent the day snoozing on the back of the sofa where the heat rises off a radiator.  Manchester is as solid grey as Toby is all white.  They get along famously, which is somewhat surprising as neither are used to seeing other cats.


Thank you all, once again, for your concern and good wishes regarding Charlie’s Dad and my daughter’s travel.  I’m happy to report that Charlie’s father is holding his own and has had no further cardiac incidents.  Best of all, they are going to do a new dye test tomorrow and *may* try angioplasty to relieve, or partially relieve, some of the artery blockages.  He’s been told this was impossible in the past as his state of health didn’t warrant the risk, so this is quite exciting.  It would make a huge difference in his quality of life.

And daughter Angela sent me a text as they touched down in L.A. at 2:45 this morning.  She was able to make the next connecting flight in New Jersey, so didn’t lose that much time in the end.  I hope she has a great week!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

11 thoughts on “For The Birds!”

  1. Great photos, although I always think the UK Robin is cuter than the american one – he is sooooo big!

    I am glad to hear that Charlie’s Dad is fairing well, long may it continue

    Zoë x

  2. Hi Nancy, good news all around with you and yours it seems. That Manchester is a handsome lad and the photo with Toby is a winner. They are both regal animals. Our robins are so much bigger than the UK ones, but we love them anyway, Zoe! :-)

  3. Things are looking up! The cat picture is quite…’content’. Keep the snow for a bit but send us some in three weeks in time for the Christmas holiday!

  4. I always worry about those Robins too Nancy! a bit like Mother Goose I guess. I see them feasting on lots of berries in my yard so I suppose that’s what keeps them going thru the winter?? Beautiful cats! So great they get along and thank goodness for all the good news. I hope it stays that way!

  5. Nancy,
    Wow….double wow!!! Great pics of your birds and all that snow coupled together has me shivering. I am surprised to see robins still there as I thought they would be down here in Mississippi or even further south by now to escape the cold weather. I guess some birds, like people, hate to travel and just stay home and say to heck with the hassle of migration. (The horrible way airports are these days I don’t like flying either!) Most of our birds here left for Cuba and Mexico long ago, but our beloved mockingbirds and cardinals remain as usual and are feasting on my red berries. I have so many this year I doubt I will have to put out any sunflower seeds for them when winter finally arrives. Luckily we have only had a few light frosts here so far, and thankfully we very rarely get any snow at all.

    Hope y’all have a Happy Thanksgiving and that your father-in-law gets well soon so no worries and stress will spoil your holidays.

    Best regards, Jon at Mississippi Garden

  6. The cats look like they’re dealing nicely with sharing space, and so very elegant. Our brood will play/sleep together beautifully sometimes but then someone will wake up, look at another, and decide maybe he really should jump on the other guy’s head…

    …usually about 4 am.

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