Snowbound and Brokenhearted

Hmm.  Sounds like a line from a bad country and western song. :)  We were visited by a fierce snowstorm last night that isn’t quite finished with us yet.  Another 2-6″ of snow, high winds and much lower temps are forecast for this evening, so a winter storm warning is still in place.  Some photos below.

My “significant other”s father had a heart attack yesterday, not his first.  He was whisked to a much larger Halifax hospital yesterday afternoon where he will apparently stay for at least a few days.  (I’m going to call my “S/O” by name from now on, and that’s Charles or, more often, Charlie — though S/O and “boyfriend” may be politically correct, it seems very high school to me when we’ve lived together for over 10 years.)  Charlie and his Mom have set out on treacherous roads for the hospital.  He’ll leave his mother there where she has booked a room in a hospital cottage facility, and head back home before darkness falls.  Hopefully, his Dad will be feeling better soon and able to come home in a few days.

My daughter’s trip to California has also been delayed by the weather.  Her flight to Newark is delayed by almost two hours, which means she won’t be able to make her connecting flight in New Jersey.  It could turn out to be a very looong trip before she arrives on the other coast.  We’re just hoping that it’s not cancelled altogether as the flight board is a sea of reds and yellows.

You’d never have known by the beautiful sky at sundown last night (below) that a storm was in the making.


But below are a few snapshots of what we woke to this morning.  We’re to receive over a foot of snow when all is said and done, and some whiteout conditions this evening.



xjay(“You talkin’ to me?”)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

22 thoughts on “Snowbound and Brokenhearted”

  1. Ugh and arrgh, Nancy! I’m so sorry. As if a foot of snow wouldn’t have been enough to contend with. Here’s hoping that all of you—from Charlie and his mom and dad to your daughter, you, and Mr. Bluejay—make it through with flying colors!

    Thanks so much OFB. :-)

  2. Nancy .. I so sorry to hear about Charlie’s father. I hope all goes well and he is home soon.

    Thanks, Joy. :)

    Southern Ontario in some very specific areas have had over 70 cm of snow and more fell after that reading … people were trapped on the highway .. the police asked anyone with skidoos to help people trapped in their cars .. while the police took care of the accidents. It was almost the worst whipped up storm they have ever seen.

    Yes, we saw the massive amounts of snow that fell there on the weather channel this morning — over 100cms in some spots? Strange weather for this early in the season.

    Isn’t it strange that the so called meteor fell about the same time out west ? Kind of eerie ??
    We have been lucky with just light snowfall and cold temps.
    Sorry to hear your daughter is having such a hard time getting home .. the American Thanksgiving holiday schedules are the worst for travel time in the year.

    Actually, Joy, she’s on her way TO California…the delay is on our end because of the weather. :)

    Best of luck though .. hang in there : )

  3. Nancy,

    I am sorry to hear about Charlie’s dad! That has to be so tough for him and his mom! You too! Winter has already turned dramatic! We won’t get the snow you guys have but it is quite cold here. Isn’t it too soon? Hopefully there is good news from the hospital and news that your daughter is on her way to warm and sunny California!


  4. Poor little bluejay! Oh, I hope things work out all right for both your daughter and Charlie’s dad. It’s cold here, but no snow! I hope you don’t get snowed in. Or if you do, you have everything you need.

  5. Best wishes for all the family and Charlie’s dad in particular. That flight schedule is way too colorful. May she arrive safely. This winter is starting out in high gear, no slow buildup of momentum, bang!

  6. Snowbound and brokenhearted indeed! You’re having quite the entrance to Winter weather. I’m sorry about all the complications due to the weather, and I’m hopeful you’ll be posting good news about Charlie’s father soon. Probably your largest concern at the moment was when Charlie and his mom traveled through the snowy weather. I’m going to assume they made it safely. Thanks for sharing and I, too, will pray over this entire situation.

  7. Dearest Nancy ~ snowbound and heartbroken! ( Time to write that ‘good’ country western song … grab your pen). Having logged many hours in hospitals these past few years, my heart is with Charlie and loved ones, like you, waiting. Trapped in many snow storms, I hear your heart for those you hold near. Warm hugs.

  8. Dearest Nancy ~ snowbound and heartbroken! ( Time to write that ‘good’ country western song … grab your pen). Having logged many hours in hospitals these past few years, my heart is with Charlie and loved ones, like you, waiting. Trapped in many snow storms, I hear your heart for those you hold dear. Warm hugs.

  9. Thank you for your (as always) kind and supportive thoughts and comments. Daughter Angela left Nova Scotia about 2.5 hours late and should finally touch down in L.A. in about 40 minutes. She’ll be a tired pup when she gets there. :) Charlie’s Dad is doing well — some tests on Monday will tell the greater story. And as for the weather, well……… we’re in for another 6″ of blowing snow overnight and Sunday. Snowsquall warnings are issued. Winter surely is starting off with a bang!

  10. Nancy, I do hope by now that everyone has reached his destination safely, and that Charlie’s dad is doing better.

    Winter has certainly hit your area! I hope all this snow is not a sign of how the rest of the season will be.

  11. Yuck. I think it should be around Christmas before we get so much snow, don’t you? I’m glad to hear that everything is getting worked out over there. How stressful that would be.

  12. Hi Nancy. It’s been awhile since my last visit, unfortunately. I’m so sorry to hear about Charlie’s father and hope he is doing better. This Southern gals cringes at the thought of so much snow (driving) while at the same time wistfully dreams of a white Christmas (playing and photographing). Take care, dear and keep us posted on Charlie’s dad.

  13. I am also so sorry to hear about Charlie’s dad. He may just be every bit as tough as you guys hope and make it through this small “reminder” just fine. Like gardening, Nature chooses her own time for events. We relearn this every time someone close to us suffers. Sort of like snowfall, lol. How often is it utterly welcomed?

  14. Dear Nancy,
    I am right there. I am thinking of you in the snow, of Charlie and his Mom and Dad.
    I am sending protection thoughts,prayers, for your family on the roads.
    I hope your daughter finally makes her destination without too much delay.
    Bluebird in the branches… like family and all in the snow, best, warm wishes to all of you!
    Warm regards,

  15. Hello, Nancy–
    My very best wishes for your family and your ‘significant other’s’ father in this Thanksgiving time.

    The amount of snow you’ve had is so amazing to me — we’ve barely had our first major freezes, early for us compared to recent years.

    Lovely photos of the robins in the most recent post.


  16. Nancy… hope Charlie’s Dad snaps back. I’ll have to confess: I kind of enjoy seeing snow in other bloggers’ gardens when here in the upper midwest it was 50 degrees today. We usually have such long and rotten winters here (and probably still will this year). I’d really like to see a foot of snow in the gardens of some of those folks in southern California who are always publishing pictures of themselves picking an orange in January.

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