First Snowfall

Wednesday Evening

Be careful what you wish for.  What started out as a few flurries mixed with drizzly rain has turned into a rather nasty storm, as I type this.  It’s very windy and our power has been off and on a half dozen times — off again, of course, just as you get all the blinking clocks set!  And sirens are going everywhere.  It seems that no matter the date, no one is ever prepared for the first snowfall.  More photos in the morning, if there’s any snow left.


THE sun that dim November day
Had failed to kiss the clouds away
From quiet Nature’s furrowed face,
Where autumn tears had left their trace.

And, by and by, on fields of brown
The feathered flakes came floating down
From Heaven to this world of ours,
Like spirits of departed flowers.

And fast and faster through the night,
Till Morn arose on meadows white,
And o’er the landscape lightly stepped
Where tired Nature, smiling, slept.

__Albert Bigelow Paine

* * *

The Morning After

These are a few photos I grabbed from the balcony this morning — they are only snapshots, but will give you an idea of how much snow we got.  This, by Maritime standards, is a mere dusting of snow, but two things contributed to a nasty and dangerous night:  (a) the wind was very strong, knocking power out to several areas and (b) the snow, which began heavy and wet, froze on the roads as the temperatures plummeted.  Several sections of provincial highway were closed last night, including stretches of the 104 where hundreds of vehicles were stranded overnight, and motorists are being cautioned this morning about black ice.  If this is any indication of what our winter is going to be like, and of how UNprepared the DOT is to handle them, it could, indeed, be a very long winter.

cornerA neighboring house



While he was anxious to get out in the snow this morning, last night, Toby was quite content to watch the flakes fall from the comfort of a window-side chair.toby_watchingsnow


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “First Snowfall”

  1. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy……I’ve been busy with family visits and haven’t kept up. Just stopping by to say how much I enjoy coming here. It’s like being at home, but I don’t have to cook or clean. Ha! Can I kick off my shoes and just sit awhile, look at your photos and read your words? Without obligation? Without fear of disappointment? Good. I thought I could. I’ve missed coming here and have missed our chats. Enjoy the snow. I do upon the rare chance that I get to see it.

  2. No snow here yet but I want some for just a bit. It is so magical. Your photo tells the tale and I don’t want a storm…I want big fat flakes that fall slowly. The ones you can catch on your hand and see the intricate pattern.

  3. It’s always nicer if the first snow would come on the weekend and people wouldn’t be out in it so much. I hope your power stayed on. Loved the poem, I’m sure nature is smiling this morning.

  4. It’s always nicer if the first snow would come on the weekend and people wouldn’t be out in it so much. I hope your power stayed on. Loved the poem, I’m sure nature is smiling this morning.

  5. I’ve not been to visit for a few days! I can tell, by the posts I’ve missed and will need to peruse a little later! ha!!

    At the moment, I’m really glad the snowfall is not here quite yet. I’m sure it’s cold enough out there!! But, I’m just not quite ready… I will be after Thanksgiving! Just too many things to do until then. :-) (All good!) Have a wonderful day!

  6. Stay warm, Nancy! I believe it’s going to be a long, cold winter … temps are frigid here and we saw snow, driving through white-outs, on the way home from the lake last weekend then woke to a dushing but by the time I got my camera, most had melted.

  7. Oh my, I’ve not visited your site in several months and I’ve missed your “summer season.” Snow, so early? I know one gets used to one’s environment but I repeat…..snow, so early?

    Your pictures are lovely as ever and of course, there is nothing more magical than winter’s first flakes:)

  8. Oh my, did you say you wished for this??!!! I have never been caught doing that!!! The first photo (at night) is beautiful ~ even I (a non-snow lover) can admit that!!! Hopefully your highway dept will get more adept as the season wears on, I can’t imagine being one of the people stranded overnight in their cars.

  9. You may not think it, but your snow looks so wonderfully…exotic…to my California eyes. I especially love how the dark tree trunks and furniture contrast with its whiteness. Finding Toby in the landscape might be a challenge, however.

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