O Christmas Tree!

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For more than 30 years, Nova Scotia has donated a giant evergreen each year to the people of Boston as a thank you for their assistance following the 1917 Halifax Explosion.  The tree usually comes from a private land owner and is selected by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources based upon the following specifications:

* Balsam fir, white spruce or red spruce
* Twelve to fifteen meters (40-50 feet) in height
* Healthy with good color
* Medium to heavy density
* Uniform and symmetrical
* Easy to access.

The tree is transported to Boston by the Province of Nova Scotia and delivered to the Boston Common. Once erected, the Nova Scotia tree is decorated with thousands of lights and becomes the focal point of the city’s annual tree lighting ceremony.

This year’s 14-meter spruce tree was found on Craig and Marina Cook’s Clementsvale, Annapolis County property.  It was loaded onto a flatbed trailer Monday morning and will begin its long trek on Wednesday, to reach Boston on Friday.  Seasons Greetings from Nova Scotia, Boston!

(Associated Press Photo)Associated Press Photo


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree!”

  1. How very grand and nice, I’m starting to long for Advent, this time we celebrate before the actual Christmas. We have this Advent calender we use in December, do you have this over there? / Tyra

    Yes Tyra, we have different kinds of advent calendars. The most common ones in my area are Christmas scenes which have a little door for each day in December. Behind each door is a Christmas-shaped, little chocolate. This is particularly popular with the kids. Some are made from fabric and have little Santas or snowmen, etc. to move from pocket to pocket, there being one for each day.

  2. I never knew that history between Nova Scotia and Boston. Will the donation go on indefinitely?? It seems like a long thank you! (but a beautiful one).

    As far as I know, this will go on indefinitely — our Provincial Premier always attends the formal lighting, along with other Nova Scotians, so it’s always an exciting and touching ceremony.

  3. What a beautiful tradition. I had no idea!

    It is, indeed, and it is considered quite an honor to have a tree chosen from your property to be gifted to Boston. In fact, a few squabbles have started over it! A tree was chosen from my former FIL’s farm property in the early 80’s. :)

  4. I went out and googled the explosion. Thanks for encouraging the history lesson. The tree is lovely.


    Perhaps I’ll do a post on the Halifax Explosion on Dec 6th, Deb! Thanks for the idea. :)

  5. What a wonderful gesture by the people of Nova Scotia! I always wondered where cities got those huge Christmas trees.

    I watched, on this morning’s news show, a gigantic *crystal* star being put atop a tree in NY City. It was a 72′ tree atop a building in Rockerfeller Center, I believe, and the star was being lifted up by a huge crane. I’m not sure where other large ones come from, but they must import them from somewhere, obviously. Here’s that story: http://tinyurl.com/5epoat :)

  6. I never knew this! What a great thing this is! Beautiful picture of the tree. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    You’re welcome, and thanks for your visit, Kylee. I think it’s a great tradition, too. :)

  7. Hi Nancy,
    What an interesting and informative story you’ve posted today! My husband’s family lives in Maine and I lived there during my high school years. Every year there is a company there (can’t recall who) that brings Christmas wreaths down to the Arlington National Cemetary (right near Washington DC)…and places one on every single grave, with a red bow. You might have heard about that…I suppose it could be googled and found that way.

    When I was in HS my family took a trip from Portland, Maine to Nova Scotia on the “Bolero”…an exciting overnight cruise. It was in the early summer and we stayed at a quaint little area with cottages and breakfast served family-style. That’s my only experience with Nova Scotia so far…but I remember it as very pleasant weather at that point in time.

    No doubt, summer has passed for you and you are experiencing weather unlike anything we ever get down here in VA! I honestly do not miss the cold and snow at all anymore!

    Take care! Jan

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