Things That Make Me Go Mmm

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens… And so the song goes.  I think we all have things that set our hearts astir, and I realized this morning (while watching a beautiful, apricot sun break through a bank of grey clouds, after a stormy day yesterday that knocked out power and blew deck furniture around) that most of the things that make me go, “Mmm…” are rather small and seemingly insignificant in the overall scheme of things.  I thought I’d share a few of the Things That Make Me Go “Mmm”.

mmm_skyThe color of morning skies, such as this one above that I just snapped through the bedroom window.  It looks rather ominous, but the beautiful color is from the sun shining through the last of the rain showers.

mmm_sunriseThe color of this morning sky (Oct 2007) would make anyone go Mmm!  It truly looked like the eastern sky reflected the flames from some distant fire.

Speaking of fire, that’s another thing that makes me feel a rush of warm-and-fuzzy — a crackling fireplace on a cold, snowy evening.  How about the slow tick-tock of a clock in an otherwise quiet room?  Books — I love the feel of them in my hand, the smell of the paper and ink.

mmm_quiltQuilts!  There’s nothing any nicer than snuggling under the weight of a homemade quilt.  I am lucky enough to have been given a small collection of quilts that were made in the 1930s and 1940s, all hand stitched and quilted.  I love them all, not only for the comfort they provide, but for the stories they tell.

mmm_fruitcakeIt makes me go “Mmm…” when I turn a perfectly baked fruitcake out of its pan.  I love fruitcake, and though few of my family members would agree with me, Christmas doesn’t seem like Christmas without one, and there’s something very satisfying about assembling all those ingredients and then seeing the finished product.

mmm_mugsNot meaning to stray into a completely Christmas vein here, I’d have to include these two mugs.  They were given to me by a close friend years and years ago.  I have only these two, though when budget allows, I would love to collect a set of 8, but that seems unlikely, given how their price has increased over the years.   There’s something about the design of these china mugs that just screams “Christmas!” to me and it seems almost ceremonial to bring them out each holiday season, hoping that the giver of the gift will drop by so we can use them.  They definitely make me go, “Mmm…”

There are many other things that I could list — a meadow full of flowers, the first snowfall, the first chorus of spring peepers, balmy breezes on an August night, a perfect yellow rose.  The list would be very long, I’m afraid.

How about you?  Off the top of your head, share something that makes YOU go, “Mmm…”


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Go Mmm”

  1. So beautiful, Nancy. Now you’ve set me off on a ‘Mmm’ trail…..
    waking up to dewy mornings ( in the tropics, it’s a treat!), birdsong in my backyard, hot cups of strong Assam tea, orange sunsets—are just some of them!

    Oh yes, I can see where those things would make you go ‘Mmm’, for sure!

  2. Mmm…I’m feeling very cozy right now. I mentioned you on my blog today regarding the changing of the gardening season. I got a part of my answer reading this post!

    Thanks for the heads up on the link, Shirley. I answered your question, too. :)

  3. Like you it would be ever so difficult to pick just one thing or just a few but here are two that you haven’t already included (because we share a few of those):
    – the big fat fluffly snowflakes like the ones falling right this moment;
    – remembering precious moments with my Mom;
    – skating on natural ice;
    – hot chocolate made from real cocoa;
    – the warm yellow light of home when coming in out of the cold.


    Diane, it’s so great to have your visit! Those are some wonderful things you’ve listed! I love those big, fluffy flakes, too. It won’t be long before they fill the air here, too.

  4. nancy, Thank you for asking! Walks in the parks, the smell of a clean baby, sheets just brought in off the line, fireworks lighting up the sky, the sight of my son pulling in the driveway on a visit home and the tinkling of the japanese glass chimes from my grandmother’s house when I was a little girl.

    You’ve listed some great things, Gail — I would agree with them all, and right now, I can close my eyes and smell those air dried sheets, especially those dried in cold weather. :) Mmm!

  5. .Walking in from work on a cold evening and smell supper cooking.
    .Having my dog jump up in bed to warm the sheet before going to
    bed on cold winter nights.
    . Sharing a big kettle of soup with friends at lunch.
    . Getting a phone call from friends or family that live out of town.
    . Seeing a new bird in the garden.

    Wonderful, Lisa! Oh yes, love those phone calls…and spotting a new bird in the garden is so exciting. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a lovely post Nancy. Things that make me go mmm would be warm chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven, curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book, taking a walk with hubby on a crisp autumn day…I could go on and on. Thanks for making me think! :)

    Racquel, you’ve come up with some dandies. :) Those warm chocolate chip cookies would sure chase the gloomy day away here!

  7. You’ve started a great list. I always love that fresh, citrus burst when first start to peel an orange. New fabric for a sewing project – I love the feel of it and the fun of imagining projects and colour combinations. Kissing my children when they are peacefully asleep, all warm and snuggly in their beds.

    Another sewer? I love fabric too, and the possibilities it holds, though I haven’t sewn much lately. I intended to make my grandson a new quilt for his youth bed for Christmas, but I think it may be too late now. :( My ‘little girls’ are all grown up now, but I still remember standing by their beds, watching them sleep and planting soft kisses on their cheeks.

  8. Hi Nancy, this is a good one! thanks for making us think of such nice sweet things. So many, I am easy, let’s see…

    any sunrise when the light reveals the shapes in the garden out the window after total darkness

    opening the foil wrapper of a favorite chocolate, (I just did that one!)

    grandsons squealing and running to us when we visit them

    wind blowing the grasses in the garden

    getting into the bed and sinking in the down pillow

    Too many to name but so fun to think about…


    There really are so many things that make you go Mmm…, and your lists holds many of them. I thought of Crayons this morning…I *still* love the smell of a new box of Crayons. :)

  9. What a delightful post!

    the smell of woodsmoke from someones fireplace while out on a cold day

    the sound of the teakettle

    a lifetime collection of odd bits of things gathered on the beach :stones, beach glass, a porcelain aquarium pagoda, shells and a plastic model figure of a castaway or robinson Crusoe

    candied ginger and blanched almonds at Christmas

    my beat up garden Hat

    Thanks for the fun, Nancy!

    Thanks for your list, Philip — you’ve cited some wonderful things. I, too, love the smell of wood smoke from a chimney, especially on those really cold, still nights when it seems to hang in the air like a blanket. And your hat! Yes!

  10. I didn’t look at a single reply so I could answer fresh and straight from my heart—
    The sound of my children’s voices
    The smell of boxwoods
    Coming home at any time of the day
    The glow at night of life going inside the house

    I like fruitcake too.

    Yay! Another fruitcake lover! :) Yes, our childrens’ voices…any child’s laughter. That’s one of my favorite summer sounds — children playing, somewhere in the neighborhood, though out of sight — their laughter and squeals before being called in for the night.

  11. great post! it is so incredibly important to relish the everyday items / sights/ events as the ordinary days do make up most of our lives!
    things that makes me go mmm:
    lots of candles in my living room to chase away the winter darkness.
    the smell of lavender in my linnen closet.
    a big hug from one of my beloved friends.
    the monthly massage.
    any kind of home made cake…

    Oh yes, candles are an essential. I don’t have lavender for my linen closet, but I can imagine how wonderful it would smell. Or your linen closet after you’ve put away sheets and towels dried on the clothesline. :) And hugs are always welcome. Great list!

  12. great post! it is so incredibly important to relish the everyday items / sights/ events as the ordinary days do make up most of our lives!

    here’s my mmm list:
    lots of candles in my living room to chase away the winter darkness.
    the smell of lavender in my linnen closet.
    a big hug from one of my beloved friends.
    the monthly massage.
    any kind of home made cake…

  13. ooops, sorry… wordpress told me i couldn’t publish my comment, so i altered it a little… and now there’s 3 comments from me… :-/

    Don’t be sorry! I appreciate all 3. :)

  14. homemade bread baking in the oven, hickory smoke when my husband is grilling, homemade apple butter, and oatmeal cookies – all remind me of my grandma. (the hickory smoke because Grandma and Grandpa lived in a converted barn with no central heating. They had a lot of hickory trees on their heavily wooded property, and that’s what they used to burn in the woodstove to heat the house and for cooking.

    very nice post Nancy!

    A very nice list, Linda! Seems that most things fresh from the oven make me go Mmm… :) And hickory smoke — how wonderful that must have been.

  15. Ooh, fun post Nancy. Lots of good things listed that make me go “mmmm” too. Add me to the list of being a fruitcake lover. I thought our whole family must be strange growing up because we all like it! I love a lazy day with no where to go and no schedule to stick to, a summer morning with the windows open and a bird song to listen to, the sound of water, my daughter giggling, Christmas music, anything baking, etc., etc.

    Ooo, you hit on two huge ones for me, Kathleen! The sound of water (having lived by the sea most of my life) and Christmas music! I love holiday music, strictly for the beauty of the music itself, not to mention the memories it conjures, and I’ve been known to play a few Christmas tunes mid-summer. :) Yup, most people roll their eyes. Hee! (I just looked out the window and there’s s*n*o*w in the air! Yay!)

  16. What a lovely post, Nancy.

    I enjoyed one of my favorite things at 4:45pm today. It was getting on toward sunset, when I heard the snow geese honking to one another. Flock after flock went by overhead, traveling southwest. It makes me so incredibly happy that they gather one another up and travel together.

    I also enjoy watching large flocks of birds of any kind do their fancy aeronautical acrobatics. They just ‘know’ when to turn and dive, to keep the dance going.

  17. Mmm, what a positively delicious post!
    That would be one of the things that make me go Mmmm! … Stumbling on a book or blog that is so deliciously readable that you feel like going back to it again and again.
    The tinkling of windchimes on a hot, sultry day
    The scent of herbs crushed underfoot as I walk on wooded paths
    Red-hot spicy curry with hot rice (one condition : which I didnt have to cook myself)
    A sky full of stars on a clear night
    The last show of the setting sun as it slips below the horizon
    The first rains of the year after a hot, sticky summer
    Watching the garden wake up in the early morning
    oh so many more… I think I’m having just as much fun just thinking about these Mmmm-able moments

  18. Hi, Nancy, I want your fruitcake recipe, please. A few years back I got fruitcake-at-Christmas crazed and researched Award-Winning Recipes in the UK and chose one and made it and sent them in tins to everyone at Christmas. Somehow fruit cakes always get mixed reviews (and are the subject of many an American joke, I fear). Yours looks delectable. I’d like to make one of those and go Mmmmmm when it comes out of the oven. :)

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