This Autumn Haze


“As far as I can see, this autumn haze
That spreading in the evening air both ways
Makes the new moon look anything but new
And pours the elm-tree meadow full of blue…”

Robert Frost, “The Cocoon


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “This Autumn Haze”

  1. Hi Nancy, fabulous magical shot. We have too many clouds and rain to try and capture the moon, we didn’t even get to see that Beaver moon, but the fog yesterday was similar to yours, I love when the air is thick like that. And the prose is perfect.

  2. Hi, Nancy. First of all, Great Blog indeed! (as well as your former blogspot one).

    I’m Eduardo, 53, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I find many similarities and simmetries with my own blog “Viajero”, starting from the very header (I also use leaves, only that peepals) and the kind of images and texts we use to post. Thus (perhaps it might sound kinda narcissistic, forgive me for that) I really feel at home reading/looking your posts, enhancers of my own glance.

    Greetings from the extreme of the southern hemisphere (another simmetry!)



  3. A beautiful photo, Nancy. It’s been difficult to see the full moon the last few days with all the clouds we have had. “Autumn Haze” …a perfect description!

  4. What a lovely photo, Nancy – you seem able to find beauty everywhere. Our ash and pecan trees still hold their leaves and the wind is dry, but in months or two we may again see bare tree boughs against a moon.

    Thank you for visiting my blog for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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