The Audacity of Hope

obama(New York Times photo)

All you who live in the United States have a new President this morning.  I generally keep my political opinions to myself because, like religion and income, it seems like such a personal thing.  And I thought, as a Canadian, I was mostly unaffected by the US election, though I followed the candidates’ progress with interest.  The President of the United States, after all, is unarguably one of the most powerful men in the world, and as good and steadfast neighbors, your election is of great significance to Canadians and, indeed, the rest of the world.

I thought I was unaffected.  But when I rose this morning to a red-streaked eastern sky, it felt like the world had already changed.  I felt an enormous rush of hope and possibility, not only from a political or economical point of view.  I felt hope for a cleaner, healthier planet…hope that society has finally reached a place where mankind is viewed through lenses that do not color skin…hope for our future, and our childrens’ futures, and their childrens’ futures…hope for peace.  The possibility of peace.

“Hope in the face of difficulty.

Hope in the face of uncertainty.

The audacity of hope!”

Barack Obama

I will sleep well tonight.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

35 thoughts on “The Audacity of Hope”

  1. I feel the hope rising too Nancy. I think we are all so very ready for change, our country seems so off course. I couldn’t believe how affected I was by election night either. It was so emotional, I stayed up for hours watching everything I could, shedding a few tears along the way. This morning I am still chanting “yes we can!”

  2. I’ve never been as interested in the US election as I have this time around – it’s not just because I’m now geographically closer to the country either. I agree with you entirely – it really feels like this is huge, optimistic turning point for the US (and for the rest of the world). Let’s hope Barack Obama can meet all the expectations we’re lining up for him.

  3. Hi Nancy, it has been interesting to see the viewpoint of the rest of the world about our elections. There is much to be done, but change is already in the air, and hope. What a glorious photo of the happy first family.


  4. Hi Nancy,

    that is a wonderful photo of the Obama family. I hope you’re right and that he will live up to the promises he has so compellingly made.

  5. I’ve been wondering how people in other countries have been feeling about all this. It seems to me that the whole world is watching this election more closely than others I can remember. It is an exciting time, but he’s getting into a tough situation, there will be a lot of work to do to. For now, it is very fun to appreciate the moment. It’s been a long, tiring race.

  6. I have tried not to do politics either. But he was my choice. And I am proud to be an American today. I see from friends all over the world that we made the right choice. Never have I seen other countries seem so elated over something the US did. And that makes me smile. Because above all I would just like to see unity and people helping other people without the greed that has been so prevalent over the past years.

  7. Thank you Nancy…that is a wonderful photo of our newly elected president. I too stayed up well past my bedtime! I wanted to see what would happen the minute they closed the polls in California…it was electric! I know the road is hard and change won’t come over night…we need hope and patience. Gail

  8. Thank you, Nancy; I, too, have stayed away from politics on my blog, but it’s hard not to be excited over this election. Brenda’s comments state my own sentiments so well.
    I haven’t been this hopeful and inspired by an election as I was last night when I listened to McCain’s concession speech, which was very gracious, and then to Obama’s acceptance speech. It is a historic moment, but most of all I think we chose a man of integrity to lead us into much needed changes.

  9. During the Civil War in our United States, General Grant who was later our President, let the southern soldiers keep their weapons at the end of the last battle of that war. Grant knew that these people would starve without a way to hunt and feed their families. I feel like Obama has let his foes keep their dignity in order to be a help for the cause.

    Our state of NC still doesn’t know how our state voted for the president. We are neck in neck which doesn’t surprise me. NC is a unique state that I love dearly for its people and NC Dems and Reps are sometimes in the same family. We get along like peas and carrots. So that 50/50 split isn’t Dems voting against Reps…the unique thing is….each 50 is made of a percent from both parties. No way to ever predict what we’ll do cause we think independently.

    There was an interview tonight on our local news that I bet wasn’t run nationwide. Our area is the start of the civil rights movement. A black person went to a local soda shop and sat down to order in the white section. It caused a huge uproar and lots of ugliness we aren’t proud of.

    Tonight’s report was about one of those ladies who took part in that incident. She is in her 90’s now but it was precious to hear her say that she had seen it all come full circle. She was glad to live to experience the day.

  10. Wow- a lot of pressure and expectation on one person taking over a very problematic time in his country. He has accomplished so much it certainly inspires hope – the world is ready for it.

  11. I, too, am glad that you broke your rule, Nancy. And I was as surprised to “feel” this swelling of hope and relief as you–even though I am here in the U.S., and did vote for Obama. I don’t know what that means, really… but I wanted to share that. I knew exactly what you were saying…

  12. Nancy, I am very interested to hear the view of a Canadian. If Obama is to succeed in his goals he will have to have the help and understanding of all peoples of the world. I think ‘hope’ is what we were voting for. Hope for a better life, hope for a better world and hope for a better future for our children and grandchildren. And while he didn’t say, ‘ask not what your country can do for you….” he did say it was going to take each and everyone of us volunteering to help make these changes possible. I am ready to volunteer for hope.

  13. here in Denmark the polls say that 86% would have voted for Obama… the media is in a wild party mood… and yesterday i saw several Scandinavian politicians cry on tv!!!
    i too have followed the election more closely than ever before as the possibility of change seems to be on so many levels and carry the sweet scent of hope.
    as thousands of others have said thousands of times: i never thought i would live to see a president who was not all white. oh, i’m hoping, all right :-)

  14. Since the results were announced, I’ve been taken by surprise by the emotions I’ve felt. I can’t seem to stop tearing up.

    I’ve been listening to and reading many people express their feelings about what just happened. I don’t mean to sound melodramatic – for me it’s too deep and moving for very many words, witnessing so much emotion and so many people around the world coming together as they have in the hours since 11:00 p.m. Tuesday night.

    My middle daughter attended the event in Grant Park. Her college sweetheart, a young man born in Colombia, had worked for the campaign and received tickets. Being able to see it through her eyes has been inspiring. She’s on cloud nine having been there to witness history in the making.

  15. So beautifully said!!!
    I see a time of hope, change and unity coming to us. Actually… it is here. It really is amazing and awesome to me to feel the effect this election has had on people on so many different levels. It really is a beautiful time for the U.S. and world.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts~


  16. Nancy, I too felt as if something terribly momentous and historic, such as the first man walking on the moon, had happened in this country.

    I hope that all of us in the US will work together to help the President-elect succeed in what is going to be an extremely challenging job.

  17. In Norway it has been much interest for this election. I think the majority is verry happy about the result.

    I think it will be in order to congratulate the american people. Maby also the rest of the world.

  18. Never has a Presidential election made me cry with joy such as this one did. I went to bed and laid there tingling with wonder, and awoke changed and more hopeful than I’ve ever been for the future of our nation and the world. Love the photo and your thoughts.

  19. It was such a historic and monumental election. I was glad to be a part of it all. I have also really enjoyed all the bloggers perspectives on the election. Quite a bunch of opinionated folks, all positive:)

  20. It was as though a weight had been lifted. We danced,cried, whooped out the window and watched the city below our back window celebrating.Family called on the phone from all over. it was the kind of moment that you say you remember where you were for the rest of your life when it was annouced Obama was president.

  21. THANKS!!!

    i haven’t visited your space often enough. You always have something nice to say to me, but WOW. I’m glad we are through this and ecstatic that America finally stood up to be counted.

  22. We’re glad to have our country back. And hope restored to an American vision of opportunity and being a country that inspires dreaming again.

  23. I would like to congratulate you on the choice you have made.
    You as a nation proved that you can make the difference if you really want. That choice is a better step for entire planet – this is making the change beyong our capability to understand it.
    I was always more or less indifferent to US elections in the past. This time I watched it little closer, still having doubt if you are ready to make THE choice.
    The election night was the night that I couldn’t sleep – woke up at 3 a.m. and watched TV and internet sources.
    Obama speach made me breathless and about to cry. McCain speach rose my respect and touched as well.

    Congratulations again :)

  24. Thanks, Nancy, for expressing your views. (If you can’t say what you want on your own blog, well, then…) :) Yes, this is an enormous time of joy and healing for not just America but for the planet Earth. We can ALL take heart (and clearly we are) that we have an intelligent wise leader headed for the White House with his loving beautiful wife and daughters. For anyone who went through the 60’s this is the re-emergence of our dreams falling at last on fertile soil, so we can continue our hard work knowing we have support, not hindrance, at the helm. Glory be!

  25. Everyone has already put my feelings into words so nicely- especially Brenda’s above comment. Thank you for posting this. I watched the news anxiously with my boys as the polls closed out here in the west and I found tears falling down my face when they announced the news. I explained to my boys that they were tears of happiness as we had just witnessed a huge moment in the history of our country and indeed the world.

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