My Determined Geraniums

I just had to make one more post of my faithful geraniums before I cut the largest pot back for the winter.  Despite the fact that snow lies on the ground in some parts of Nova Scotia today, these steadfast friends continue to dazzle me with their color and their hopeful buds.

The largest post is still full, green and lush, and it has already had a few cuttings snipped from its center.  As you can see, there are buds left to open.

I’ll probably snip this one and let it open in a vase.

One thing is for certain — there will always be geraniums in my garden!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

16 thoughts on “My Determined Geraniums”

  1. Nancy .. I am a faithful fan of geraniums too !
    Yours look so lush and beautiful still .. we are having rather freakish weather .. rain tomorrow but sun and temps in the mid teens for the rest of the week .. now that is STRANGE .. I will be forced to face the last of the garden chores for sure .. haha
    Great photos to keep you warm during the winter !

  2. I just love these plants but I don’t really have a place they grow well. I love seeing them and I really like the smell of them.

  3. Mine too! And next year I want a scented geranium. I’ve had mint, chocolate, rose and lemon scented geraniums in the past. If I get my French doors done soon, I might just bring that one big pot inside for the winter.

  4. Nancy, I don’t blame you for wanting to show these one more time. They are still so lovely. They must really like your care. I didn’t know a geranium would open after being cut. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’d love to grow geraniums like your pretty one. Alas, not enough sun to grow everything I would like to stops me.

    Always Growing

  6. Mine are still headstrong and sassy as well, Nancy. I love that you’re letting them enjoy a last hurrah before winter!

  7. Many years ago, I left a potted geranium out all winter. It was in a corner, very protected, but had snow on it and of course, it froze. When spring came, that thing started greening up and growing! It defied the odds, for sure!

  8. I love that you are attached to these geraniums. Gardens are personal and we do have our favorites. I love geraniums and am trying to overwinter mine. Right now they are sitting in my entryway shedding away. My new porch is the perfect place to grow these beauties and I’ll be adding more color next spring.

    My favorite flower of all time is the Senorita Rosalita Cleome from PW. I’ve never had any flower that bloomed its fool head off.

  9. I have a special place in my heart for geraniums. Like you, I find them to be very faithful plants…they just keep going against the odds, and give us the prettiest blooms in beautiful colors.
    I’m in the process of removing mine from containers and window boxes to overwinter in the house.
    I like to put the blooms in a vase too :)
    I like your first snowfull idea and will soon post photos of our storm that took the power, phones and internet out last week. Far too early! I’ll be sure to link to your post when the photos are up.

  10. Nancy this one is beautiful I love geraniums also. I just moved my Rose scent ones out of the window box to a pot so I can move them in when it gets too cold, but for now it’s sitting right outside the screen door and I brush my hand across it every time I walk by .. Thank you so much for stopping by and for faving by blog.. Cherry

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