Garden Bloggers Muse Day – November 2008

Marmalade Sunset

Intense sunset hour,
magnificent pigment changes
of golden orange shades
bursting forth from
a flaming sphere
that hangs suspended
on its rays of light.

A honey glowing
amber scene
streaked against
a backdrop of beauty,
like warm marmalade
dripping thickly
from a mason jar
across the horizon,
the picture remains
preserved in my mind

© Cathy Faist

* * *

This sunset photo was taken last evening just after the sun had dipped below the horizon.  I think November sunsets, with their orange and fuchsia paints brushed over a canvas of grays, are among the most beautiful of the year, and this poem seemed to illustrate the photo perfectly, as it truly does look like “marmalade dripping thickly from a Mason jar.”

As for what’s left in the garden this November 1st?  The geraniums continue to put forth buds, even though on frosty mornings, their little heads are bowed in defeat.  I rescued a few bud stalks before the cold got to them and they opened, like a colorful gift, in this little vase.



Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

19 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Muse Day – November 2008”

  1. I agree with you completely, Nancy. There’s something magical about November sunsets. Maybe the sky is throwing its final parties before the charcoal winter’s arrival. Your “Marmalade Sunset” is exquisite. What striking colorations, swirling through the heavens as though dancing. Sigh…don’t you just love those special moments in time?

    My geraniums are still hanging in there as well, blooming for all the day like it’s summertime. I didn’t have the heart to yank them up to put in mums this year, they were blooming so profusely through the chill. Brave little geraniums, they deserve to live and enjoy autumn. Love yours in a vase – very striking and sweet.

  2. I just love those marmalade sunsets Nancy. The poem describes them perfectly.

    Your geraniums look beautiful. It would have been a shame to let them freeze to death.

  3. What a beautiful sunset Nancy. It does have a marmalade effect to the coloring. Looks like your geraniums rewarded you with some happy blooms.

  4. Nancy, The poem suited your sunset photograph perfectly, and the sunset was definitely one to remember. :-) The intensity of the orange sunset was mirrored by the orange geranium. Beautiful!

  5. Such a treat to sneak back online to post a few things and to visit your lovely blog once again……truly a feast for my “wounded” eyes. (Loved the sunset photo!)
    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog wishing me a speedy recovery, but I still have a long way to go before I am really healed and back to normal. (Don’t tell my doctor I cheated!)

    Best regards, Jon at Mississippi Garden on 11-1-08

  6. This November sunset is indeed spectacular! The poem describes it so well. Always enjoy your Muse day posts, but every day here is a wonderful Muse day:)

    Your geraniums are lovely; mine look greener and healthier than they did all summer. I know I should bring them inside before a freeze really kills them, but I’m enjoying them too much outside right now when everything else has wilted.

    By the way, I left a question on your post with the painting.

  7. Fabulous Nancy. I love the descriptiveness of the poem ~ it conjures images right up in your head (even if you hadn’t provided the beautiful sunset photo to go along with it). Glad you still have your geraniums to brighten things up. They look very cheery in the vase.

  8. You take the most glorious sunset photos! The poem is beautiful and goes so well with the photo. Marmalade colors….such a poetic description. Thanks for sharing!

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