Point to Ponder

With the spectacular displays of fall colour that have been presented on so many blogs this autumn, many have said that they haven’t seen such vibrant hues for years — it certainly seems that way here in Nova Scotia this fall.  The reds, golds, and fluorescent oranges have been magnificent and abundant.  In the same vein, this past summer’s blooms seemed to be more abundant, more colourful, more appreciated.

Which makes me ponder:  are the colours truly more vivid this autumn than they usually are, or is it possible that in such uncertain times, or because we are another year older, that we actually stop to acknowledge them more than we might have in other years?  Are we, wisely, “stopping to smell the roses” more often and simply noticing more colour?  Do we crave more colour in our lives?

I know I’ve tried to hang onto the colour of Autumn’s finery this year, more so than usual.  I believe it has lifted my spirit and brightened my days to a greater degree than it has in other years.  How about you?  Is it simply “another lovely fall” or have you actually opened your eyes a little wider to take it all in?

Something to ponder…


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Point to Ponder”

  1. I too live in Nova Scotia, but I think the trees are brighter, and they are holding onto their leaves longer than they have in the past. At least in Cape Breton. Maybe its a lack of hurricanes blowing through and blowing all the leaves off early. Anyhow, I have seen some vibrant colours, really nice to see before the long dark winter ahead.

    Hi Cherb! Yes, the leaves are spectacular this year, for certain, and none are lovelier than what are found in your beautiful Cape Breton. When I was younger, we used to make an annual sojourn to The Highlands on Thanksgiving weekend, just to see the leaves. :) My daughter just spent a few days hiking on the Cabot Trail and brought home some wonderful photos. I hope you’ll stop by again!

  2. Nancy, In my part of Nashville we are still waiting for fall color to peak…lots of bits of yellow and the sky is lovely. Maybe our recent frost will help! I can’t say that the colors of fall have been more vivid (yet), but I can say the garden has indeed been very alive with color for longer than usual.

    It was an especially good growing season for most things here, too, Gail. :)

  3. Here, too, we’re still waiting for autumn’s peak of colors. Speaking for myself, these days I find myself transfixed by each change in nature as I ponder Life overall. Everything seems to have meaning or brings insight. Must be my age and stage.

    Debi, that’s precisely what I thought. I honestly think that as you grow older and ‘grow into yourself’, if you know what I mean, you tend to take things like those beautiful leaves less for granted. Sometimes, as I get older — and 53 isn’t exactly OLD — I find myself noticing things I never paid much attention to before. Sunrises, sunsets, rocks, leaves, trees, water, light, shadow, wildflowers, and the list goes on and on. It’s not that I never saw them before…I simply took them for granted: the sun comes up each morning, goes down every night. I think a person has a greater appreciation for those small (but huge) things in life as you get older. You question more…accept less. Make any sense?

  4. I think with the very uncertain economy and times, we are taking time to appreciate the things we don’t necessarily have to pay for. I know I am. I am watching my pocketbook more diligently. (Hell, paying to remodel this house from the flood was a heck of a bite.) But I appreciate my home, and look forward to spring’s delights.

  5. Nancy, what you said makes perfect sense. I liken the seasons of nature to the seasons of our lives, as do others. Even individual experiences have their seasons, and even that differs per person, if you will. Great topic for a post, dear. But then again, that’s one of the many of your talents and gifts!

    So, when’s your book to be published? Probably not in time for holiday gifts, eh?

  6. I think our fall is dull this year unfortunately. We are in a drought and there are a few trees that have colored up and we certainly appreciate them but overall it is disappointing color-wise.

    I think we do enjoy the fall colors more as we grow older but you would know if your area was affected like our area is this year.

    I love that huge leaf picture. It wouldmake me feel like some of the bugs I have seen and I could curl up inside that leaf. Wouldn’t it make a lovely blanket?

  7. I had to come here to your blogs and others of the North to see the color. We are not having such a display in the mid coastal southern US. The timing of the rain was off and our summer robbed the trees of much needed nutrients. On the other hand, we have an abundance of acorns and nuts. This happens after a drought. The trees are hoping to repopulate what died under such extremes.

    I really have enjoyed your pictures. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I went to my son’s house in Virginia to see the colorful choir sing its amber glory.

  8. You have an interesting “point to ponder” Nancy. Maybe we have noticed the little things more this year. I know I don’t take anything for granted in my garden, here today gone tomorrow. Lovely post today.

  9. Very well said…every year I’m here on this earth life is just a little more vivid. One of the blessings of age! Kim

    Hi Kim! You are so right. I think age brings about a new appreciation for a lot of life’s seasons.

  10. It looks like the artist capture the entire season in one leaf.

    “The artist” is me…that’s one of my fall photos, put into a neat little program called Dumpr (http://www.dumpr.net). You can do some very fun things with your photos there. :)

  11. Hi, Nancy,
    Our family has been noticing just what you mentioned: the fall colors here in the Pacific Northwest are especially vibrant this fall! I’m sure it’s not just hopeful thinking on our parts. :)

  12. Ah, I was going to ask if the “painting” was real, but I see you’ve already answered that for mothernaturesgarden. A very clever photo; it speaks volumes!

    I’m not sure either if this year the colors are more vibrant or if it’s just that I’m paying more attention to them. For me, it is not the current economic crisis, but more about the time in my life. I am finding at this point that “stuff” doesn’t matter so much to me anymore, and that the beauty of nature is more precious and provides more comfort than material things. Part of that, too, I attribute to blogging, which has helped to open my eyes to the beauty around me.

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