Garden Bloggers First Snowfall Project

Dave’s Garden Bloggers Fall Color Project has been, and continues to be, such a success that I thought it would be interesting to host another project of sorts — The First Snowfall. While we’ve had some coolish weather and some downright nasty wind lately, we haven’t seen so much as a flurry here in my area of Nova Scotia yet. But it isn’t far off. (The photo below was taken by my daughter a couple of years ago.)

Becky at Plants and Stone in Upstate New York, for example, has already posted a photo of her first snowfall!

So, those of you who are interested in participating, please bookmark this post, and when you’ve received your first snowfall, snap a photo and let us know about it. Leave a comment here with a link to your post, or simply tell me it’s up, and I’ll feature a link and blurb to your first flakes post on a separate page created for this project (click the tab at the top of my blog header).

I hope many of you will take part — I think it will be interesting to see where the snow appears first and how it blankets our different regions.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… !

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

70 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers First Snowfall Project”

  1. Well, you probably won’t see snow from me. Rarely ever have it. But tis a gorgeous photo you’ve got up there!

    Keep your eyes peeled for even a few flakes, Brenda. You never know. Then again, I guess most people are quite happy to do without it. :)

  2. A beautiful photo! I won’t be posting any shots, as it never snows in Florida, but will definitely be coming back to see the other photos. Looking forward to seeing more :)

    Now Karrita, never say never. ;) I hope you’ll check in regularly!

  3. Great idea, I think it will be any day now. Tell your daughter the picture is wonderful, like a Christmas card. LOL Tyra

    It would make a nice Christmas card. :) Best of all, that shot was taken along the edge of her driveway which is lined with beautiful cedars.

  4. Nancy, we dodged our first bullet – snow to the north of us – nothing here yet. I guess that means I have to continue to rake…… Almost makes me excited about taking that first shot. Almost.

    I *still* get excited about those first flakes! I can’t wait to see yours!

  5. Nancy,

    That’s a great idea! Assuming we have snow this year in TN. I’ll be keeping a watchful eye to the sky for that first flake but it might be February before we have anything significant (and by that I mean and inch or two ;)) Sounds like fun though!

    According to the Farmer’s Almanac, by February, we should be up to our necks in snow, so I’ll send you some. :) Actually, the more diverse the snowfalls, the more interesting the project, I think. And perhaps it will help make the winter a little more entertaining.

  6. We had our first snow yesterday. October snow’s almost unheard of in England. It was a very light dusting and all too brief for me to capture it on camera :(

    There will be other opportunities for sure, and we look forward to seeing them!

  7. Nancy .. so I just do what ???? …. LOL
    I’m having a brain fart day … all day .. and all night it looks like .. BIG sigh ..
    So … you are doing this for me ? .. do I have to do anything ? I don’t know what to do … is this what I do ? Talk about not knowing what to do …. but mention I have a picture of our first snow ….. helpppppp !
    I take no responsibility for the silly factor today .. low blood sugar !!!

    LOL – not to worry, Joy. I posted your frosting post on the main page…click the tab at the top of the header. :)

  8. Nancy,

    That’s a great idea! Assuming we have snow this year in TN. I’ll be keeping a watchful eye to the sky for that first flake but it might be February before we have anything significant (and by that I mean and inch or two ;)) Sounds like fun though!

  9. Oops, I submitted the comment walked away from the computer than resubmitted the same comment. Not enough sleep, sorry!

    Shame on you. ;) Caffeine, Dave…it’s all about the caffeine.

  10. We get a dusting of snow about once every seven years in Austin, but I’ll be sure to post if we get any. Enjoy your winter wonderland. (But wait, isn’t it supposed to be fall right now?)

    We are having a glorious fall on the east coast, but Mother Nature sometimes knows no seasons. :) I’m sure we’ll have our first snow long before the first day of winter. :)

  11. What a clever idea Nancy. I don’t know if we’ll see snow in Virginia this year. Sometimes we get a dusting and a few times we got quite a bit.

    Keep your eyes peeled for those first few fleeting fluffy flakes! ;) I hope you get just a little.

  12. A heavy thought before my garden is put to bed but bless you, Nancy, snow can hit anytime. I remember one Halloween when we had a freak snowstorm over 6 inches. Often, early November also surprises us.

    I think this will be an awesome project, viewing photos posted from around the world. You are a dear to keep us all focused during quieter times. Hugs.

    I think this will be a fun project — and after the first snowfalls, maybe we can continue to share posts about the really significant “holy cow” storms, too. :)

  13. It tried to snow in London last night (in October!! Amazing!!) but it didn’t really get much further than sleet. Rest assured that if we do get any white stuff lying on the garden, I shall be over here in the twinkling of a snowflake to tell you about my post. Great idea, Nancy.

    I look forward to it, Victoria! :)

  14. What a fun idea! We had some snow mixed in with rain the other day, but nothing on the ground and you really had to look hard to see it in the rain, so that doesn’t count. I’ll play along and let you know when we get our first snowfall!

    I look forward to seeing those first photos, Kylee!

    Love the evergreen snow picture!

    My daughter has since moved from this property into their own home (which has a back acre lot that is equally as pretty), but these cedars were breathtaking. And they’re one of my favorite trees anyway.

  15. Great idea, Nancy! I’ve been waiting to post some fall colors for Dave’s project, but I’d better hurry up or the snow will get here first! I’ve bookmarked this page–I hope I don’t get to show any for awhile, though:)

    Yes, I can wait a while too, Rose. :) But they’re forecasting snow flurries for us on Saturday, so I’m sure it’s not far off.

  16. We had a lot of very wet, heavy snow that it still loitering around two days later. The last time it snowed this early was apparently in 1937. I have done a short, resentful post on the subject.

    I enjoyed your post and your photos, James…I’ve added them to the Snowfall page. Thanks for playing along!

  17. It’s rare when we see a snowflake in northern Alabama. When we do folks can’t help but dash to the grocery store for toilet paper, bread and milk on the off chance we’ll be snowbound in our humble abodes for days. So strange. However, should a flake appear I’ll happily photograph it and post it here…then wait for calls from the Associated Press, which will probably come while I’m out buying toilet paper, bread and milk. LOL!

    Debi, I would just love to see a flake from your area. :) And I know you would capture it beautifully.

  18. I hope I’m the last to post about snow. Mother Nature can take it else where tho she seldom does. Every winter I always wonder why I live somewhere so cold!! Great idea tho and good thing to do on that first snow day of the year.

  19. I haven’t figured how to get a picture up here, but my first snowfall post for Wednesday, October 29 is up at The snow fell during the night, with a few snow showers during the day. And cold enough that the snow stayed around for two days.

    No problem, CW — I’ll go fetch your post and create a link to it on the First Snowfall page. Thanks so much for your contribution!

  20. Nancy, when I first saw this post I thought waht a great idea! And then promptly forgot about it til I saw it on your side bar. Still a great idea and I have our firstsnow fall on my blog. Not that it was much snow, but enough to excite me. Thanks for this.

  21. I southest Minnesota (near Rochester) we got our first significant snow (just enough to turn the ground white)on November 7th. A few days later, on November 11th we got almost 2 inches – enough to try out my crazy new shovel-on-a-wheel, called a “wovel.” See posts both dates for photos. Thanks! Susan

  22. We had our first snow today. I’m having trouble leaving comment with my hyperlink in it, so please just go to my blog and see the post for Nov. 30.

  23. This is a great idea and it will help me feel better about the weather! I posted a snowy photo show on my blog on Nov. 24th. Visitors will see it at the top of the left column on the home page:

    It’s snowing as a I write this — Sun. Nov. 30 — and ten inches are predicted overnight here in southern Wisconsin. Last year we had a big storm on Dec. 1 that ushered in a record-breaking winter. By the time it was all over in April we’d had 101.4 inches and it snowed almost daily. So we’re all a little nervous.

  24. Wonderful idea! I’m keen to join in, but so far where I live in Scotland we have escaped snow this winter (too near the sea), although just 5 miles inland there’s already been a snowfall. Meantime I’ll enjoy the snowy joys of other bloggers here.

  25. I’d like to share with you Houston’s first snowfall…in 4 years! It caught me with my tropical plants unprotected. The photos are not of the winter-wonderland variety, so I will absolutely understand if they don’t fit in with the lovely set you have posted. But I am still quite excited that we had a little taste of snow here on the Gulf Coast.

  26. Our first snowfall came on Nov. 19/08 and you can see some photos here

    Hi Crafty — I still can’t leave a comment on your blog (many have adjusted some settings and fixed the comment problem?) but in case you check back, I’ll be including your post on the main Snowfall page later today. :) Thanks for participating!

  27. I’m afraid we never have a ‘first’ snowfall of the year; it’s cause to celebrate if we have a nice snow during the winter at all.

    Ice storms are more common, but not as welcome.


  28. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank any of you who may check back for all your lovely comments, and especially to those who shared the first snowfalls in your area. It’s been lovely seeing a bit more of your part of the world.

    I hope to come up with a similar project for spring!

  29. We JUST had our first snowfall today. I snapped a photo or two and will post it on Friday. I’ll come back with the url. My part of Tennessee is pretty late this year and this morning it was merely a dusting-hardly counts but it is white!

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