Whatever Brings You Joy

(My small contribution to Kathryn’s Scarf Initiative)

One person’s vision…another person’s joy.  I all but finished the scarf I’ve been knitting for Kathryn’s (of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy) Scarf Initiative this evening.  There are a few tassels to add and odd bits of yarn to tuck in, but it’s basically finished.  It has been a slow, sometimes on-sometimes off, project for me as I dealt with chronic inflammation I have in one shoulder.

There were two things that kept me going “just one more row” throughout this worthwhile endeavor–one was sharing Kathryn’s excitement as she received completed scarves in the mail, and the other was knowing that this simple scarf would give warmth and happiness to some child, high in the mountains of Pakistan.

I used a soft, mohair-blend yarn and made the pattern up as I went.  Though I sew, I am surely not a knitter.  Is it perfectly knit?  Absolutely not!  Are there mistakes in it?  You betcha!  Does it really matter?  Not one bit.

In her initial post about this project, Kathryn said:  What has heart and meaning equals joy.

I hope she knows that her vision for this project–now sixty-six scarves strong–has given joy to those of us who participated.  I toss a bouquet to Kathryn this evening, not only for the work she has put into organizing such a brave undertaking, but for having the vision in the first place and for sharing it with such heartfelt enthusiasm.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Whatever Brings You Joy”

  1. You can knit better than I. It looks wonderful to me but even better, it looks warm! That’s what counts. and congrats on participating and contributing to Kathryns very worthwhile project.

  2. Oh, Nancy, now I’m weeping again! I can honestly say I’ve never been involved in a project where I wept as much as this one! My heart keeps overflowing by the enormous generosity of spirit I am so blessed to be witnessing. (It’s almost enough to put me on a plane to Pakistan!) Your scarf looks warm and beautiful and delicate. Some child is going to be so lucky to be the recipient.
    Thank you for your heartful participation and thank you for this beautiful tribute to the project. I can happily report that as of yesterday there were 75 scarves headed toward CA on route to Pakistan. I so wish we could all gather in a circle, each wearing our scarves, holding hands, and see each other. We’ll do our best in cyberspace. Thanks again, Nancy, for sticking with it, through your discomfort, using your heart as your compass. Love, Kathryn xoxo

  3. This has touched my heart so deeply. I’ve not followed this project but am warmed by all of you who have participated and by Kathryn who had the vision. Well done, all.

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