Rural Reflection

“A garden is evidence of faith. It links us with all the misty figures of the past who also planted and were nourished by the fruits of their planting.” Gladys Taber


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

20 thoughts on “Rural Reflection”

  1. Nancy, A beautiful quote and so very true…and how wonderful that you have these beautiful farm scenes to accompany it! We flower gardeners (and occasional culinary plant growers) are not so far removed from the farmers who live down the road or even hundreds of miles away! Gail

    Thanks, Gail – I’ve become a bit of a champion for the local farmer. Ironically, at a time when the demand for locally grown, organic produce is at an all time high, farming in Nova Scotia has declined, out of a frustrated necessity, by 36% in the past few years. I think farmers get a raw deal and I so respect those who choose to stick it out.

  2. Fall is in the air, and blue skies. What a combo of magnificent colors, huh?

    Though the wind of the past couple of days has taken a lot of the leaves, this truly is a glorious time of year for color. :)

  3. I just love seeing cattle on pasture. You just don’t see that much any more. The poor cattle are in lots being practically force fed. THese look like happy cows.

    They certainly seemed like content cows — I don’t think any of them gave me a second’s notice. :) There are many such pastoral scenes around my area…I must try to capture more of them.

  4. Love the serene photos!

    Thanks, Monica — there is something very calming about scenes like this. Everything seems so “un-rushed”. I’m happy to have your visit — I’ll be exploring your blog, too.

  5. My favorite author…Gladys Taber. Have you read her books?
    Your pictures are outstanding. Everyone’s fall pictures make the blogs look beautiful this time of the year.

    Thanks for stopping by, Balisha — I have not read any of Gladys Taber’s books, but her Stillmeadow series, especially, is on my Wish List. I love every single thing of hers I’ve read, though, in the way of quotes, excerpts, etc. I’m glad to have discovered your blog!

  6. Nancy, Thank you for sharing these serene rural scenes. I grew up on a farm during a time when many people lived on smaller farms and raised cattle, etc. It was a wonderful time and I nearly envied those contented, happy cows their lush green pastures. :-)

    I’m glad these photos gave you pleasure, SG. :)

  7. One of the Monkeys broke his arm today. Youre pictures really helped me calm down.
    Thanks for the peaceful photos

    Oh dear, I’m sorry for the broken arm…I hope it mends uneventfully. And I’m glad these photos gave you a little peace today. :)

  8. I love that saying and it fits me to a tee. I am more connected in a garden tended for centuries and find such peace more so than any place else in my travels. Open fields like the one pictured says Autumn so well. Very pretty!

    We live in a very agricultural area — I don’t know why I haven’t highlighted more of the beautiful, sprawling farms here. I think I’ll have to rectify that!

  9. Idyllic and peaceful and perfect.

    Idyllic … that’s the perfect word to describe farmland, I think. There’s something so deliberate and unpracticed about green pastures and old barns. Thanks for your visit, as always, dear one. :)

  10. Today I had the time to look at all your fall photos. They are lovely! The colors are so beautiful this year. Loved the old barn! Jean

    Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment, Jean — yes, the color this year is spectacular.

  11. Beautiful photos Nancy. You always find great shots of nature to share with us.

    I try to find good shots, Racquel — this year, it hasn’t been difficult to find great autumn shots…the color is everywhere!

  12. What lovely photos. Makes me want to be there.

    Always Growing

    Pastoral scenes always seem to have that effect, don’t they? I think it’s the slow and quiet pace that does it. :)

  13. Thankyou, Nancy, for picking me as one of your “faves.” I hope that you will visit my blog again and that you enjoy it.

    I hate to admit that I really don’t use Blotanical very much. I have gone there, but I’ve had trouble loading my picture and adding answers to the questions. I am not very computer savy but would really like to participate. I left a message in their help area….maybe they will help me understand it better.

    Thanks again for picking me. I love reading your blog….your photos here are so serene and calming.

    Balisha — you’re welcome! I look forward to reading more of your lovely posts. As for Blotanical, it takes a little bit to find your way around, but I’m sure you will. And I know that if Stuart can help you, he surely will. He’s been most patient with myself during a few glitches. :)

  14. Trouble is, this makes me nostalgic for cows.

    I like it where I live – but there are no cows nearby.

    (I suppose I could take a bus!)

    My grandfather’s brother had a dairy farm in Cornwall and that’s where we went for our holidays when I was little. The sound of the milking . . . the smells . . . oh! Cows!


    The sights and smells of a farm stay with us forever. :) Before my ex-husband and I separated, we spent every holiday and every other weekend on their family farm. Dinners never tasted as good as they did coming off the old wood stove in their gargantuan kitchen, and those sights, sounds, and aromas will stay with me always. Thanks for your visit Esther…how are things on Mars?

  15. I love that quote and strangely enough, I think about it all the time. Especially when I see an abandoned building with a rose bush or something blooming around it. I wonder who planted them and marvel that the plantings live on. Thanks for selecting that today and yet more great fall photos to accompany it.

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