Earth Laughs in Flowers

As we did a walk-around on my aunt’s property today, I was surprised to find these Black-Eyed Susans still in bloom.  They stood out in sharp contrast to the brown and withered plants around them — tangled and overgrown as the garden is.  It was almost as if they were mocking the dead and dying, those claimed by time and Frost’s cold breath.  Perhaps Earth really does laugh in flowers.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

14 thoughts on “Earth Laughs in Flowers”

  1. It has been looking like fall in my area but after last night when the temp dropped, it now feels like fall.

  2. Carefree Susans are favorites in our garden. Ours are about done – just a few straggling blooms left, but lots of seedheads for the critters to enjoy as summer’s bountiful food supply dwindles.

  3. Oh, Nancy, how that property needs a permanent occupant! Yes, the earth does indeed laugh in flowers. And those are beautiful. I just hope the ones I carefully planted a few weeks ago are as hearty as those somewhat neglected ones.

  4. I have unexpected spots of color amongst the brown too Nancy. It does seem like the Rudbeckia are getting a little laugh in. Anything that pretty, I say laugh away! :-)

  5. It’s surprising what blooms you can still find–I have a couple purple conefowers that are blooming right now, defying the colder temperatures.
    Enjoyed yesterday’s post on the maple leaf, especially the poem. We can plant all the flowers we want, but not many are as beautiful as a simple maple leaf in fall.

  6. After last night’s first hard frost, not much is left to look at around here. The photo of your black-eyed Susan’s made me smile.

  7. I also have yellow rudbeckias brightening my (front) garden at the moment, laced with pink and rose colored zinnias. I regarded them as a gift to the neighborhood, and have heard some lovely comments, so they did not go unnoticed or appreciated! Did you cut them and bring them in?

    Hello Kathryn – no, I left them where they were to laugh some more. :) I have cut some geraniums, of all things, and placed them in small vases – they are amazingly pretty in a bunch.

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