A Sunset Compensation

As I got my geraniums ready for bed this evening, covering their still beautiful leaves with a sheet, I turned the planter around and found that some of those steadfast blooms had succumbed to last night’s rather heavy frost — our first killing frost in this area.  Some of the blooms that were well tucked in had survived, but those left with their toes sticking out had finally bowed their heads in defeat.  They drooped and withered and lay their heads on the arm of the lawn chair for support.  (How’s that for dramatic…hee!)  I covered them up anyway, as the end of these blooms truly signals the end of the growing season for me.  And they’re still loaded in buds.  Perhaps we’ll have enough sunny days this week to get a bit more enjoyment from them.

As if to compensate for ugliness of the flowers, we were presented with a gorgeous autumn sunset.  The sun first set the tops of a stand of poplars aflame, and then the sky turned a beautiful shade of lavender-pink as it dipped below the horizon.  Autumn sunsets are the best of the year, in my opinion.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

10 thoughts on “A Sunset Compensation”

  1. Such a lovely autumn sunset! Our temperatures will be around 40° F this evening, with possible frost pockets for extremely tender plants.

    Loved the black-eyed susans in the previous post!


  2. A gorgeous sunset, Nancy! A shot I admire, as I haven’t been able to capture one yet. Sorry about the geraniums. For everything there is a season, I suppose…

  3. Your geraniums were so wonderful this season. I think better than any I have seen. If so inclined, you could make cuttings for indoor plants.

  4. yes, it is time. i’ve taken all of my pelargoniums in as we had the first frost last week.
    but how i agree with you on the autumn sunsets! my favourite season, and this year it has been such a wonderfully warm, long and sunny autumn. so much to enjoy and so many pictures taken ;-)
    nice post, Nancy.

  5. Their season of bloom has come to an end it seems. Lovely sunset photos. I agree fall sunsets are the best especially with all that lovely foliage to admire.

  6. Aww…poor little guys. Hope they last a bit longer. And your sunset is most pleasing. I love the slant of the sun this time of year. The glow from the trees is just icing on the cake.

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