An Autumn Kaleidoscope

Dave of The Home Garden has created a Fall Color Project in which bloggers are encouraged to share photos of the peak of autumn color in their area.  You can find out more about this project here, and find links to other participants’ blogs.  Dave suggests that, “In theory we should be able to follow the transition of peak times from far in the north to as far south as the leaves change color.” I look forward to exploring everyone’s contribution!

Yesterday, being Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, we took a leisurely drive to my parents’ home for dinner.  The colors were spectacular — the best I’ve seen in many years.  It was hard to know where to train the lens next, and I’m sure I drove my long suffering spouse half crazy with, “Stop.  Stop!” all the way along the route.  I’ve posted some of the photos from that trip in this project.  Some trees were windblown past their prime…some were still green and hanging on tenaciously to their leaves, so it was a good mix.  I hope you enjoy this explosion of fall color.

On such a day each road is planned
To lead to some enchanted land;
Each turning meets expectancy …
I know by autumn’s wizardry
On such a day the world can be …
Only a great glad dream for me!

–   Eleanor Myers Jewett, “An Autumn Day”

The first color to present itself (other than the large clumps of staghorn sumac that line the roadside) was the gold and orange of hardwood trees along the banks of the St. Croix River.  There is a wide flood plain here where the river has cut through limestone bedrock, now exposed as white cliffs or banks that you can see below the trees. The calcareous soil harbours the rare Rams Head Lady Slipper.  Another photo below shows this rock formation better.

Just down the road is a beautiful farm owned by the Woolaver family.  They have the most wonderful, tree-lined lane to their house and it’s always showy this time of year.  In fact, many couples have their wedding photos taken here, horse, buggy and all.  Below, a more pastoral scene on the same property.

The above photo was taken in the village of Brooklyn.  Years ago, a train used to wind its way along its banks, but more special than that to me, my Dad grew up in a house that was situated just a few dozen feet to the right edge of this photo…you can still see signs of the basement.  He used to swim in this river as a boy.

Once we entered the Walton Woods Road, scenes like the one above completely surrounded us, and you hardly knew where to look.  The colors were almost fluorescent.  The following few photos were all taken along that route, close to the Cogmagun River.

Sometimes, a single tree such as the lone maple below is just as spectacular as an entire forest.

Below, Three Mile Brook displays a stand of glowing tamaracks.  Every bit as lovely as any hardwood.

Just minutes from my hometown of Walton we came to this beautiful offering from Nature on the Walton River.  I keep thinking how stunning these all would have been with sun on them!

Finally, having arrived at my parents, we all enjoyed a great visit and a tasty dinner, leaving the table well stuffed.  The last color of the day was presented at sunset — the photo below was taken from my parents’ front deck.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Kaleidoscope Tour and that it has given you a little taste of the color of my part of Nova Scotia this fall.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

38 thoughts on “An Autumn Kaleidoscope”

  1. Stunning is the word, Nancy. I gasped at the tree lined road. Imagining the wedding dresses and tuxedos in a carraige with that backdrop is the stuff of dreams. Watching the leaves change as the cold travels down the continent will indeed be a joy to behold. You have captured yours with your usual skill and artistry. Thanks.


  2. Fantastic Nancy! I loved the road with the changing trees on either side. It created a canopy of brilliance. The cliffs of limestone are awesome as well! Great post Nancy, thanks for joining in!

  3. It’s awe inspiring this time of year isn’t it. We did the 2.25 hour race to the lake this Saturday – family waiting for supper – no time for photos – there were so many opportunities. I like the fact that the sky was colourless in your pictures – it really makes the leaves stand out – and it gives you another opportunity to go back and take more when the sky is bright October blue!

  4. nancy … these pictures are gorgeous and I am so with you girl on that bit about driving our hubbies crazy with STOP STOP … Maybe ??? haha .. I miss N.S. especially this time of year .. when our son was young and we were stationed in Debert .. we all had a blast with Halloween .. a perfect country one !

  5. Wow! Those are absolutely breathtaking photographs. In my experience, the further south one goes, the less vibrant the colors (or the color comparisons). We seem to be having a beautiful Fall here this year. Last year was very dull by comparison. (Helps me to better appreciate when we DO get the “color!”) :-)

  6. The pictures are lovely, Nancy!

    The fall color is something I’ve missed this year, having moved to L.A., and you made up for the loss with these spectacular photos!

    The little maple tree is my favorite, but the rest of them come close behind!



  7. Beautiful fall pictures Nancy. I can’t name a favorite. The second one down is a really good shot, the bird on that post adds much. I’m partial to the fifth one down also, a river winding through mountains full of trees decked out in fall color is a glorious site. All of them are wonderful and would look stunning framed.

  8. To answer your question! I thoroughly enjoyed it! You live in a beautiful part of the world! The tamaracks are particularly lovely. Our falls are tame compared to yours…we sport a lot of yellow and an occasional bit of red in the canopy trees, the understory gives us the reds and oranges. Thanks, Nancy for the tour. Gail

  9. What gorgeous photos! We have more evergreens than anything else here so we don’t have the masses of color like you do. Thank you for sharing your stunning colors with us.

  10. Your Autumn Kaleidoscope is gorgeous Nancy. We don’t have that fall color quite yet, the leaves are just starting to turn here. Thanks for sharing your lovely local vistas with us. My favorite is the road with the trees lining it.

  11. Breathtaking pictures Nancy! Every picture looks as though you staged it! Even the black bird (a crow or raven, I assume) on the fence! Beautiful views for us to enjoy through your lens….

  12. Thank you, everyone, for taking in my fall color offering and for leaving such wonderful comments. I appreciate each and every one. The crow, by the way, was a happy coincidence, as happens with most shots we love. :)

    If I ever get my act together, I’m going to offer a selection of my photos (in higher, printable resolutions) for download — perhaps I’ll include a few of these.

  13. Stunning colors, Nancy, loved the lonesome road. My fingers are itching to snap fall foliage UP NORTH at the cottage this weekend where autumn is at its peak!

  14. Thanks for taking us on this tour, Nancy; the autumn foliage is breathtaking! Thanks, too, for the link to Dave’s Fall Color Project. I tried to copy this logo into my sidebar some time ago, but couldn’t, so I’m glad to get the link again so that I can participate.

    I look forward to checking out your fall color, Rose. :)

    I’m catching up on reading posts today–so enjoyed seeing all the photos of Toby. He apparently rules your home much as our Toby does:)

  15. Nancy,

    I love the brilliant yellows mixed with the greenery above the the limestone cliffs. The colors are beautiful. That tree-lined lane photo is definitely a keeper!! We do have some similar scenery, indeed. Your photos are beautiful.


  16. Everything about it is spectacular! It does look like a good year for color up your way. So you are surrounded by this beauty all the time–lucky you! Did you feel connected to the land as you rode past your father’s birth place. I feel connected to the land where my family roamed. I enjoyed the tour.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous, Nancy. Autumn hits me like everyone else, I suppose. I love Summer so much, even the beauty of all that gorgeous Fall color still inspires some sadness. I guess that’s the way it was supposed to be, though. It’s hard to imagine another emotion.

    But then, I am a baseball guy! ;-)

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